Meet Me by the Flagpole

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Mark's POV:

Jack's been in our school for about two months, and he's already broken the record for getting stuffed in a locker. Everyone calls him "Locker Boy", and he just acts like nothing's happening.

This is extremely aggravating for me, especially because I have a colossal crush on him. Everything about him is perfect, his slightly fading lime green hair, his Irish accent, his vibrant blue eyes, everything. He's perfect from the top of his head to the tips of his toes (even though I've never seen his toes, but who cares.)

It's a normal Tuesday morning before homeroom, and I'm just walking to class. I'm heading there a little early because....lets just say English isn't my strongest subject. The halls are practically empty, except the occasional teacher or to. But then, I hear laughter from the other side of the hall. I squint to see who's laughing, assuming it's just some teachers having a laugh before the torture of homeroom, but I see the vague shapes of 3 boys. But when I see a flash of green, I realize one of those boys is Jack. I drop everything, sprinting to the other side of the hallway.

As I come to a stop, I'm met with three faces; Ian, Anthony, and Jack. He was already in the locker, the door still open halfway.

"Hey Mark wha-" Ian tries to begin but I cut him off with a punch to the face. He stumbles back a few steps, and just gives me a death stare. Anthony is still standing there in utter shock, then gives me an almost identical stare to Ian's. My eyes widen, so run past him, pulling Jack out of the locker, and running down the hall, leading Jack by his left hand. I hear the footsteps of Ian and Anthony behind us, so I turn a corner and run out a door, pulling a janitor's cart in front of it. As I run out, I hear a janitor yelling "DON'T TOUCH MY CART!" And Ian and Anthony saying "But..." In unison. I stop running when we reach a nearby tree, and let go of Jack's wrist. I look him in his pale blue eyes, and he stares into my chocolate brown ones. We just stared at each other in silence, until Jack says something, but I don't exactly hear him, because I'm hypnotized by his eyes.

"Hm?" I ask, since I didn't hear him completely.

"I-uh...thanks," he says. I tell him that it's no problem. I feel my cheeks heat up, and I glance at Jack, seeing that his cheeks are tinted pink. We stare at each other in silence again, and I'm met with a surprise. Jack leans in, leaving a quick, small kiss on my right cheek. We stare at each other again, but I hear a familiar Swedish accent. I look over at the door, and I see Felix, leaning against the door, holding my books, and yelling "I ship it!"

"Oh shut up Felix!" I yell back as he approaches. He drops my books next to my feet, then walks off and says, "Continue whatever was going on before I came out here."

"Thanks," I call, but by that time, he was already gone. I looked back at Jack, pulling him in closer to me so our faces were about an inch apart. We both leaned in, our eyes closed, our lips millimeters apart, but suddenly, I heard the annoying shrill of the morning bell. I leaned my head back and groaned in frustration. I leaned back in and gave Jack a quick peck on his surprisingly soft lips, and leaned back out. We stared, but heard Felix again.

"You two love birds should get to class!" He yelled. I rolled my eyes and picked up my books. As I passed my Jack, I whispered in his ear.

"Meet me by the flagpole after school."


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