chapter 17

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Portland, Oregon 1989

Gabby turned in her bed feeling the sun shining on her eyes. She shifted realizing that the sun was out. She sat up wiping the sleep from her eyes realizing that it was indeed daytime. She got out of bed feeling worse. Not only has it been 7 years today that her parents died but she's also late for school.

She ran to her Aunt's room wondering why she didn't wake her up. She opened her door seeing her fast asleep. Gabby found it sort of odd that she was sleep. Her aunty woke up everyday at 6. She always woke up before the sun and had Gabby out as well. It was bad at first but through the years it grew on her.

She walked to the bed and called out to her. "Aunt Beth, come on wake up. I need a ride to school."Gabby lightly shook her. Gabby stopped when she realized she wasn't moving. "Aunt Beth?"She called out feeling panicked.

She put her ear to her mouth hearing nothing. Gabby ran down the stairs feeling tears pour out of her eyes. She ran into the kitchen and dialed the police. As she called and talked she felt her whole world break apart.

The police soon arrived along with the ambulance. Gabby stood by the police car as she saw them carrying out her aunt. "Is there any family?"Tom, the police officer asked. "N-No. She's my only family. A-And now she's gone."She cried looking away.

"Look, you're 17. You have a little chance of getting adopted so I think it's in your best interest if you tell us something. She died by natural causes. Calm down, so we could find you a home."The man sighed.

"I have no one! My family is all gone. My dad and pregnant mom died in a car crash ten years ago. I just lost my aunty the only realitive I know!"She sobbed wiping her tears with her tissue.

"Gab!!"She heard her boyfriend yell. She looked seeing Kai standing there with his backpack looking confused. She ran over to him and pulled him into hug sobbing rather hard on his chest. He looked around and held her back.

"A-Aunt Beth! S-She died in her sleep."Gabby sobbed as Kai rubbed her back. "Oh, Gab."Kai kissed her head. "I-I can't live here anymore either. I have no where to live anymore."She cried. Kai pulled her back into a hug feeling his heart shattered.
"No. There's no room."Joshua replied. Kai stood up furious. "What about the attic? Or the basement? If that's a disturbance then she could sleep in my room."Kai suggested not taking no for an answer.

"I understand your feelings for Gabby but letting her just move in is out of the question."He replied. "But dad! She has no one. They may move her out of Portland. I can't just let them take her away. Please, I'll do anything."Kai begged tears building in his eyes.

"Really? Anything for an orphan? How pathetic..."Joshua muttered the end. "Yes, anything."Kai answers. "Fine, She can live in the basement."Joshua replies. Kai smiled rushing out of his office. He grabbed his coat and zipped it up running to Gabby's house.

"Pack your bags! Your living with the Parkers now."Kai waltzed into Gabby's home. She sat up from the tv and looked at him confused.

"W-What do you mean?"She asked some tissue falling from her lap. "Dad said you could live with us. That way you don't have to ever leave me."Kai held her face in his hands. He wiped her tears with her thumbs.

She smiled. "How...are you sure I won't be a bother? I don't want to make things worse between you and your dad."She pulled away. "Everything is fine. Just pack your things. We have one more year til we graduate anyways."He smiled.

Gabby pressed her lips onto his. "Thank you so much, Kai."She spoke between kisses. "I'm sorry about your family. We could always be family."He pulled her into a hug. "Yes, of course."She smiled looking up into his loving eyes. He was there for her when she had nothing left and for that. She was grateful.
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