"Birth and Death; we all move between these two unknowns, said a great man once called Braynt H. McGill, and I believe for this to be true. We all pass between these two stages without really doing anything important with our lives, and that is the sin of humanity." The young blonde woman on stage said with confidence shown in her beautiful features. Her eyes were wide and blue, her red limps curved up into a sly smirk as she continued to speak to her audience, hundreds of eyes boring into hers. "However, there are times when we do something in our lives not so important to the strangers we meet on the streets, but to ourselves, and these graduates of Pine Island High School have just done that very thing. These youngsters have just stepped over the threshold of 'adult life' so let's give them a massive round of applause as they come up to stage to receive their certificates!" The lady finished with a bright smile, her last words being drowned out by the crowds loud cheering.

As student by student came up onto the simply decorated stage on the front of the large room, each taking their certificate then coming down again back into their seats, they were unaware of a pair of pure white eyes watching them from the back, hidden in the shadows. None of them... I thought as I moved my freakishly empty eyes over each child, sparing them a quick study as to recognise my victim. When every pupil and adult in the room has been given a once-over, I frowned, my pale features scrunching up lightly. He's not here... I noticed just as the door to the hall opened, a tall skinny boy rushing in, his robes unneat and flying.

Chuckling, I leaned back onto the wall putting my bony hands into my jean pockets, a lazy grin appearing on my half covered-by-my-hood face as I studied the boy, waiting for my cue. The kid had roughly styled hair that was the colour of pure coal, and his eyes looked like they were made from mint leaves. He had a tall figure with not that much muscle or fat on, and his clothes were awkwardly too big for him making him look unable to care for himself. 

As the boy went to take his place on the end of the row of glaring students, he had an embarrassed look on his pale face, his head bowed in shame trying not to make eye contact with anybody. When he sat down, the blonde girl next to him with a tone of make-up splatted onto her face made a disgusted noise while leaning away from the kid onto the guy next to her, a muscly guy with a piercing in his right nostril. Saddened, the boy sat quietly with his eyes trained on the ground, waiting for his turn to go up onto the stage.

For a second, I felt a bit guilty as I looked at the miserable boy being put down by his peers but I quickly lost the feeling when my head starting to pound as I felt my time closing in. My hands became sweaty, and I could feel my normally hard to detect pulse rising to a normal human being's one. As my fingers started to twitch, I closed my eyes letting the feeling of someone else's soul touching my own overwhelm me completely. The boy's soul was nearly mine, but he still had a couple of minutes, so I opened my eyes with renewed eagerness as I balled my fist in an inpatient manner.

"Jamie Davidson." The blonde woman spoke on the stage, the same way she did for every student. It was the boy's turn now. Gingerly, he stood up, his hands shaking for an unknown reason, and made his way to the steps that lead to the stage, his face unbelievably pale. He looks like me. I realised with a chuckle, my wide eyes watching the boy with hunger visible in them, not that anyone could actually see them. In fact, they could not see me at all; if they did, they'll be screaming their heads off. But he'll be able to see me soon enough... I thought darkly as the boy stepped onto the stage, his brow covered in sweat.

Three... I started counting down in my head, following my normal routine. The boy was walking up to the speaker woman who had her hand outstretched to shake the boy's, her other gently holding his certificate. If I focused hard enough, I could see his name written in posh handwriting on the top, his results visible below, though I did not pay attention to that. No, my mind was clinging onto the feeling of the boy's soul creeping closer and closer to mine every second.

Two... He reached out his shaking hand to shake the woman's, his breath coming out in quick gasps as he made contact with the woman, a small frown forming on her forehead when she felt sweat on his hand. Although the woman quickly recovered, a plastic smile on her lips, the kid's peers noticed their exchange and started to laugh nastily, a quiet murmur starting in the crowd as everyone started talking about what just transferred on the stage. I didn't care though; I could feel the boy's emotions now and I knew it was close; his time on Earth would soon be over.

One... I ended my countdown, every feeling I felt till this time disappearing instantly, leaving only a quiet murmur in the back of my head which belonged to the thoughts of the boy on stage. For a second nothing happened as the kid stood rigid in place, nothing moving, not even his chest, and then he collapsed in a heap on the ground, leaving the blonde woman standing frozen, her hand still outstretched and her mouth open in a silent scream of terror. I watched everyone for one moment, amused by their looks, though all those present soon snapped, and the panic started. Everyone leaped out of their seats and rushed out of the hall, their shrill voices getting quieter as their masters got farther away.

Soon, the only people left was the woman who fainted from all that shock, and the pale boy still laying in the same place he was a couple of minutes before. I picked myself from the wall I've been leaning on and slowly moved my skinny legs into a walk, my black Dr. Martens boots making a thud noise each step I took. As I walked across the room, the only sound being my loud steps, I felt iciness cover my whole skin, as it always does. I welcomed the frozen feeling with a sigh as I felt my eyes turning the colour of fresh mint leaves, the murmurs in my mind getting louder as I neared the boy.

When I reached the kid, my breath was coming out in clouds of mist caused by my incredibly low temperature. I never found out why I froze when I was holding someone's soul inside me, it just happened and I got used to it. As I stopped next to the lifeless boy, I kneeled slowly, my clothes rustling as I did so. Reaching out my sheet-like hand, I gently caressed the boy's forehead and then leaned close to his ear whispering in the sweetest voice possible, "Wake up Jamie Davidson."

I was greeted with the sight of pure white eyes staring straight at me. Smiling, I pulled my hand away from the boy's forehead, and reached out to shake his hand but stopped half way there, waiting for him to reach out his hand. As if reading my mind, the boy moved his hand in a zombie-like manner, and softly brought it down into my outstretched one. The moment our hands made contact, and I was given permission to pass on his life, their was a sharp sting in my eyes, and I felt the boy's soul retreating from mine. Soon, the murmurs of his thoughts were gone, and I was left kneeling over a dead body, my skin devoid of its icy prison it had a few moments ago.

Standing up in silence, I turned around and made my way across the room to the corner I occupied a few moments ago, my boots the only sound in the room. As I came upon the corner, I touched my skeleton-like hand to the wall, and muttered quickly and quietly, "The deed is done. Travel me away." I was gone in the blink of an eye, not even glancing back at the scene behind me.

I do not look back.

I do not feel guilt.

I am cold. Lifeless.

I am Death.


So, well... My second published story on Wattpad and I don't know how it'll be taken... Let's just hope for the best :))

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