Interview With ReaperKylie

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1. What had inspire you to start writing?

Well, before I started writing I was an avid reader. I loved books! I picked up my first book when I was in 6th grade. I've been reading ever since. Then, I just decided to write my own story and I found it to be really fun! So my inspiration to write came from the amazing books I read.

2. How old are you when you start to write?

I was in eight grade when I started to write so I was14 years old.

3.Which genre are you good in?

Well, I have a really gross mind. Not a perverted mind. I love gore and blood. My favorite genre to write is horror. I'm starting to write a horror book write now. If you want more details on it, just pm me.

4. How did you get the idea to write "What America Said"?

There are a lot of raciest people in my neighborhood so I got the inspiration from them. I wanted to show that Islam is really a good religion. 

5. Is writing your hobby or do you plan to be a full time writer?

I am defiantly planning to become a full time writer however, I thinking realistically, I'm going to be a teacher first in case I get rejected and I'll have a job so I don't have to worry. 

6. What kind of books do you read?

I read every kind! Especially romance and horror. I love those two genres! I hate law and order books though. They just bore me to hell for some strange reason. Werewolf and vampire books got boring too ever since Twilight came out.

7. Do you prefer writing or reading more?

Both! I don't have an either or. If anyone wants me to read their story, go ahead and ask!

8. Which genre did you find it's most difficult to write in?

Wow, that's a hard question! Let's see... that would be.... Historical fiction! It takes a lot of research to write historical fiction

9. How did you know about Wattpad?

Google. XD I was trying to find an online book I could read for free because my book was being repared and I was bored so yeah... the link sent me straight to wattpad. It was destiny. LOL!

10. What books will you recommend to other wattpad readers?

Definantly CAGED! That book is just plain amazing!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love that book so much. You should defiantly read it. It's about this creature known as a shadow tries to escape from Hell. You just need tp read it. Here's the link.