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Luke's POV

"Do you think we should tell them?" Macey asked through the phone. I was laying down on my bed having just come home from the football game. It was a little after 11 o'clock at night. The game didn't get over until 9 or so and afterwards we all went to dinner together before heading back home. I was beyond tired but I was fine staying up talking to Mace. We didn't get much time to see each other today with me having one class and than getting ready for the game tonight.

"I don't know. Maybe we should wait a little bit. I mean Ethan and Amy just came she may think we are stealing her thunder or something." I said.

"I just hate lying to Carter. We are best friends." I could hear how turn she was about this. I was to I just wasn't entirely certain how my sister would react when she hears her best friend and I have been seeing each other.

"I know babe. Don't worry we will tell her soon, lets just keep it a secret a little longer. Maybe next weekend we can." I offered. "You know doing this in secret has been a lot of fun." I grinned into the phone. I could practically see Macey blushing on the other side of the phone. Her thoughts were probably thinking the same thing as me.

"Yeah, yeah whatever." She mumbled into the phone. I couldn't help but laugh.

Who would have thought that Macey and I would have some kind of feelings towards one another that weren't mean, or brotherly/sisterly. I myself never thought of Macey in a romantic type of way until just recently. The night of the party a month ago made my eyes suddenly open. I was finally able to see right in front of me.

Not going to lie at first we were both just slept together and wrote it off that we were drunk but a few days after that night I couldn't stop thinking about her. I kept picturing Macey under me with that beautiful smile of hers and her hair fanned a crossed my pillow. That night had changed the way we both looked at one another.

Before I even knew what I was doing I was asking Macey out, which thank god she said yes. For the past 2 almost 3 weeks we have been securely meeting up with one another. It was a bonus we had the same lunch break in between classes so it was a good time for Macey and I to have our 'lunch dates'. Whenever both Ethan and Carter were busy we would be doing something. I was pretty certain though that Ethan knew about us.

It was getting tiring sneaking around and hiding our feelings around our friends but I just wasn't ready to tell anyone yet. It wasn't like I was worried that my reputation would be ruined because I didn't care about that. I just didn't want anyone or even Macey to think this was just a one time deal. I wasn't going to just use her for a few weeks than dump her.

My feelings for Macey have grown so much in the last few weeks that I wanted a relationship with her. I didn't want none of this sleeping around when free thing people had. I was pretty sure Mace felt the same way too.

When I was around her I felt like we were meant to be together, that be belonged. It has all has happened so fast that I was scared of what I was feeling but the longer I spent around Macey I didn't care. Maybe this is what my parents feel like around each other.

I had no realized just how great Mace was. Her smile was enough to make me go weak at the knees, she was incredible smart and knew what she wanted. She could be pretty straight forward at times but I didn't mind being told I was being an ass. Macey had this great personality that made people just want to be around her. Whenever she had to go I never wanted her to leave. I've never been in love before but if this was it, it wasn't all that bad.

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