TØP Vs. F.O.B & Marilyn Manson Vs. Alice Cooper?

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A/ N: Hiya! Okies, dokies. I'm bored again! I was asked this by a random someone on Facebook.

Someone on Facebook: Do you prefer to listen to Twenty Øne Piølets or Fall Out Boy?

Me: It really depends on what mood I'm in, but since you asked, I personally love them both but if I had to pick one I'd say F.O.B.

Someone on Facebook: Who do you like more, Marilyn Manson or Alice Cooper?

Me: I'd honestly have to say Alice Cooper, but my best friend likes Marilyn Manson.

Then we had this really long conversation about flossing. Weird, right? Then, she asked if I loved Tom Cruise. I told her he was the fucking love of my fucking life! She said she loved him too and then we started talking about puppies and then she started talking about her grandpa. Weird conversation, huh? That's not the weirdest part. She started talking about the time she got scabies. I stopped talking to her after that. I thought she was pretty cool at first, but then she kinda started freaking me out.

Why am I telling you people about this? Well, I'm telling you, begging you, do not talk to creepy strangers that randomly message you on Facebook! They may seem cool at first, but then they start talking about weird personal shit! Much like their weird ass rash they earned from wearing latex rubber! So, I absolutely beg you, if you think someone's cool, make sure they'll actually be cool and not a weirdo with an ass rash. 

So, I'm that sarcastic idiot over there just like: I've gotta feed my pet fern before it dies from dehydration.

Person: You're weird. You know that?

Me: I'm weird? You're the one that's talking about your disgusting rash on your ass!

Seriously, the most awkward conversation of my entire life. Now, I know that if anyone starts a conversation out on something I love, like music, the conversation might not be about music.

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