What They Saw

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"... when we saw Glimmer and Cato kiss," I tell Clove and her eyes grow wide as they fill up with tears.

"Really?" She sniffs.

"I'm afraid so." I rub circles in her back, trying to comfort her.

"I loved him and he goes and— and kisses that bimbo from hell?" She nearly shouts.

"Hey. You don't mean that."

"Yes, I do, Jo. If Gale kissed Katniss, what would you do?" She cries into my shoulder.

"I'd call her a bimbo from hell and kill her. Dead. Murdered. Stabbed. I'm sorry, I'm not helping. Am I?"

"Do you have a knife on you?"

"Why?" I hand her the knife I keep in my boot. She throws it at the wall, right when Glimmer walks in, whizzing right past her head and cuts a lock of her hair. "Damn it!" Clove plops in her seat, her arms crossed across her chest.

"Did you just—" Glimmer begins, looking down at the floor at the blond hair lying at her feet and lets out a shriek. "You bitch!" She cries, picking her hair up.

"Back at you," Clove says, choking back tears. "How could you?"

"What the hell are you talking about, Clove?"

"You know exactly what the hell I'm talking about!" Right then, Cato walks in the room with Gale, Peeta and Finnick, laughing. "Son of a bitch," Clove walks over to him and slaps him.

"What the–––" he starts.

"How could you, you jerk?" Clove's body shakes. "I loved you."

"Loved? Clove, what are you talking about?" He furrows his eyebrows, clearly confused.

"Yes. Loved. I loved you, until you kissed that tramp." Clove points at Glimmer and she gasps but Cato stays quiet. "I— I— um— thought that you said you loved me," she stammers out. "Or, was it all just bullshit, huh?"

He gives her a long, hard stare before saying, "Look, little girl, I don't know what you thought we had but it wasn't as serious as you'd like to think it was." Katniss walks over to him and grabs the collar of his shirt.

"I'd like to kill you. I'd like to stab you a million times in the heart," she spits at him.

"Do it." He smirks.

She glares at him. "But, I won't. I won't, because you're such a loser, I don't even want to sink down to your level."

I roll my eyes. "I will." I punch him, making him fall to the floor unconscious.

"I'm gonna make you miss me," Clove whispers to herself as she walks to her seat. "I'll make you feel miserable. I'll make you regret ever breaking my heart. You'll miss me. You'll come running back to me."


"Goddamn it!" I shout as I hit my knee on a table. "Shit! Jesus Christ! That fucking hurt! Mother of damn!"

"Jo, are you okay?" Annie asks me.

"Hell, no. I'm not fucking okay." I rub my knee after setting the bowl of popcorn in my hands on the coffee table. "Shit, that hurt."

"I bet my gift card I got from Starbucks that you can't go a week without cussing." She smirks.

"That's the stupidest bet—"

"There's over three hundred dollars on it."

"Holy crap that's a lot of freaking money for coffee." My eyes grow wide.

"Keep that up for seven days, and it's yours." She smiles.

So, it begins. I think and smirk.

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