Chapter 1

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Sitting in the waiting room, the paranoia sets in. I can barely stand it any longer. It's been five hours since they've taken her back. My best friend, my everything. If only I had known how bad it was, maybe I could have helped. She said she was fine, now, when it might be too late, I'm aware that's not the case. She's strong, she'll make it through this. Won't she? She has to. I need her.

Rae's POV

"For homework tonight you will need to complete your eight page essay and have your outline as well as works cited page finished to hand in tomorrow. Don't forget that Wednesday is your quiz, Thursday is review, and Friday is your Test. Have a good rest of your day," Mr. Balanchine let up as the tone of the bell resounded through the halls and classrooms.

I normally don't dread school this much but today was exceptionally worse than usual. Making my way to locker 638, I try not to think about who will be waiting there for me today. Without success I became nervous and just as I had suspected, they were back. Cleo and her clique. Those fake smiles and pitchy shrills when greeting their boyfriends made me want to gag.

"Look who is it everyone!" Cleo spoke first. Rolling her eyes she approached me followed by Julia, Heidi, and Ben, Cleo's stuck up boyfriend.

"I thought you learned your lesson yesterday Prep," she spat. Sure I was studious, but I'm not a Prep.

"Back off Cleo, I'm not looking to fight," I said, trying to avoid making a scene.

"Fine, but if you ever set one foot near Ben again, you're done." She threatened me with daggers for eyes.

She's so cruel considering I only passed Ben in the hallway. Bringing me back to reality was a hard punch to the jaw. Slamming my head back against the lockers as she took a fist full of my hair, Cleo kneed me right in the stomach, causing me to drop to the ground. I felt the strong impact of many people. My now even weaker frame was bashed until I could faintly hear another familiar voice. Though unlike the others, this voice brought me comfort. Spencer's here, I'm going to be okay. This time. It'll be when they assault me and he's not around that I'll be in trouble. As I hear the footsteps and yelling begin to fade, I am gently lifted off the floor. There is no need to worry since I've memorized the feeling of his strong arms around me.

"It's okay, I've got you," he coos as he try's to calm my trembling body.

"Thanks," is all I can mumble before my hearing is lost and all goes black.

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