1: Little Did I Know

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I was working my usual shift as a cashier. Im just a twenty year old girl who's trying to earn money for her dream vacation destination; Brazil.

Just like the ordinary day it was, an ordinary customer came through the door, at least that's what I thought. People started whispering, squealing and some even took pictures of the guy.
He came and ordered a caramel frappé. This guy, who seemed to have taken everybody's attention, smiled his one-in-a-million smile and paid for his drink. I was so confused on why people were freaking out, it actually showed on my face. The guy giggled probably noticing my perplexity. Then he left, and I could still hear people mumble about him. Whoever he was, he was honestly good-looking.

Weeks had passed but that customer still came every morning at nine and ordered the same caramel frappé. But let's be honest, the coffee shop I work at isn't the finest but he still came. Why? I wonder. Shaking that thought off, I saw him come through the door. I look at the clock, nine o'clock exactly.

"The usual?" I smiled widely at the regular and handsome customer. He nodded, making eye contact with me and paid. Since I was working alone, because all the workers gave excuses, I had to make it and serve it. When I did, he caught me by surprise when he said, "Join me."

Politely but still shocked I smiled and told him I couldn't, "I cant, I have to make and serve some coffee to the customers."

"Really? The only customer I see is me, myself and I." The guy smirked, pointing at the empty place. Indeed, today the place was empty. Basically, I got caught red handed.

"Plus, workers aren't to engage with customers in whatsoever way." I explained the rules but got an eye roll from him.

"I can sort that out with the manager." He huffed, persisting on me to join him. There was no point of arguing since no one was here including the manager. So I pulled a chair and sat down with him.

"What's your name?" He asked. I told him my name and asked for his.

"Honestly you don't know who I am?" I furrowed my brows, shaking my head cluelessly.

"Im Neymar, I play football for FC Barcelona." He explained, amazed. That explains why people freaked out when they saw him the other day but that also explains why I never recognised him, I was never the football fan. After that, we got to know each other more. Apparently he was from Brazil and when I heard that I literally squealed and told him why it was special to me. Later, he got a call and had to leave.

More weeks went by, as Neymar and I got really close. I don't know why we're exactly friends considering I'm a cashier and he was a professional footballer. But life has it's own little games. I was sitting in my apartment when I got an emergency call from Neymar. I went to where he asked me to meet him and rushed, so worryingly. Only because I actually liked him and cared about him, which is stupid because I'm so down his level.

"What Ney?" I called, out of breath. He just smiled, looking fine as ever. "Neymar what the heck is going on?" I asked, mostly angry because there seemed to be no emergency.

"Do you want to know what's wrong?" I nodded. "What's wrong is that you and I aren't dating. I like you, (y/n) and I want to take you out."

Astonished as ever, I replied, "Im flattered Neymar but we can't go out together. I like you too but it's almost impossible for me to date you. Im down below your status. For gods sake, I work at a coffee shop." It hurt me to say that but it needed to be said.

"Ever wondered why I always came to the coffee shop (y/n), every day, at nine o'clock exactly? Because since day one I felt something towards you and the only thing I knew about you was that you work there and was there at nine. Did you really think I liked that crappy frappé?" I giggled at his last sentence, knowing it was true. Then I thought about what he said, no one would actually do that unless they like that person a lot. Neymar proved to me that.

"What do you want me to say?"

"Say yes," He held my hands. "And go to Brazil with me." My jaw dropped, and my heart skipped a beat. I was going to protest but he locked his lips to mine. Dozed off by his kiss, I actually agreed.

Little did I know, the guy who came to the café would be someone who I deeply fell in love with. Who made my dream come true, who took me to Brazil, and who now I call my fiancé.

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