"Shut The Fuck Up... Tell All These Lies And Shit" I Told Her.

"Pippa Or Was It Pilpa... Strippers And Their Weird Names" She Teased.

Damn It Was Peppa But It Wasnt That Serious. She A Stripper And We Had Few Nights. But Thats Not The Point. I Aint Out Here Having Kids With Other People.

"Shut The Fuck Up Tay" I Told Her.

I Just Didn't Wanna Hear It.

"Or What You Gone Hit Me?" She Asked.

"Just Shut Up Cause Im Tryna Not To" I Said.

"Well If You Do... You Better Kill Me Cause This A Be The Last Time You Your Hands On Any Woman" She Confidently Told Me.

I Must Say Tay Have Gotten Her Some Confidence And Alot Of It. I Need To Get Her Back On Track Real Quick.

"And One More Thing I Suggest You Return That $50 You So Called Won Making A Bet On My Virginity... Cause Guess What You Wasnt My First" She Said And I Swear It Felt Like I Was Stabbed With A Knife.

My Mind Was Set On Walking Away. I Even Imagined Myself Walking Away And Getting In My Car And Driving Away. But When This Imagery Was Distrupted By Screams And Cries... I Realized Tay Was Curled Up Under The Bottom Of My Shoe Eating Every Stomp I Gave Her While I Repeated "Dumbass" "Hoe" And "Bitch" All Over Again. It Was Then I Realized I Didnt Turn Away I Actually Sent A Right Hook Landing On Tays Left Side Which Is How She Ended Up On The Ground...

I Didnt Stop Till Ty Came Screaming "Leave My Mommy Alone" And King Attacked My Leg. I Shook Him Off, Jogged Upstairs And Stuffed A Few Essentials In My Duffle Bag, Grabbed My Car Keys And Left.

(Gemini Pov)

I Couldnt Do It... Stay In There For A Whole Night On The Hard Ass Bed. Nope So I Had To Call Up The Ol'G.

To The Ol'G House I Went Where My Aunt And Uncle Were Waiting To Tear Into My Ass About My Business.

"I Never Liked That Girl Anyway" My Aunt Said.

"Neither Did I" My Uncle Said. "Even If She Had A Banging Body" He Added.

"Unc Really" I Said.

"The Truth Shall Be Told... Boy You Know I Tell No Lie" He Said To Me.

"Wait Till I Catch Up With Her..." My Momma Said. "Getting My Baby Locked Up" She Added.

"Ma She Aint Get Me Locked Up" I Said.

I Wasnt Defending Janiq Or Nothing. Its Just I Dont Believe In Blaming People Even If I Cant Stand Them.

"Technically She Did" Ma Said.

"Really Did" Aunt Trace Said. "You Fought Dude Cause You Walked In On YOUR Girl Messing With Him... Now If She Wouldve Kept Her Shirt On We Wouldnt Be Here" She Added.

"And You Wouldnt Have To Give Buddy A Beat Down" Uncle Villie Said.

"Im Going For A Hot Bath" I Said As I Made My Way Upstairs.

"Ight Baby" Ma Said.

"Need Me To Come Help You Nephew... Im Afraid You Might Be Suicidal" Uncle Villie Joked.

"Unc We Aint Alike... And Suicidal Is One Of The Factors That Make Us Diffrent" I Said.


"I Knew That Girl Was Like That" I Heard My Aunt Say A I Came Down The Stairs.

"Like What?" I Heard Ma Ask.

"A Hoe?" Aunt Tracey Said.

"And How You Know That?" My Unc Asked Her.

"Cause It Was All In Her Demeanor" My Aunt Said.

"Wrong Answer... She Reminds You Of Yourself... Thats Why" He Told Her.

With That Little Joke. I Let Out A Little Chuckle. A Silent Doe.

"Whatever... You Know I Think He Need His Lil Baby Mama Back" My Aunt Said.

Baby Mama?

"Dont Say That Out Loud... He Dont Know Yet" I Heard My Momma Say.

"Why The Hell Not?" My Aunt Ask.

"Cause That Boy Aint Ready For No Kids Yet... Especially Not Two At The Same Time" My Unc Said.

"Honestly Out Of All His Girlfriends I Only Liked Tay... Fuck The Rest" My Aunt Said.

"She Did Make Him Happy Huh?" My Mom Asked.

What Are These People On. I Am Not That Sad. I Mean Not At All Cause Im Happy.

"We All Obviously Saw Those Two Were In Love" My Unc Said.

But That Was A Lie Cause We Werent In Love... Well I Wasnt It Was Just The Moment.

"But Im Mad At Tay Right Now... Cause She Keeping Them Kids From Him And He Deserves To Know" My Aunt Said.

Kid? Baby Mama? Tay? What The Hell Are These People Talking About They Obviously On Something.

I Walked Into The Kitchen Unnoticed And Cleared My Throat And Then All The Attention Was On Me.

"Oh No" My Mom Said Holding Her Head.

"This Is Always How The Movies Are" My Aunt Said.

"Tracey Shut Up"  Uncle Villie Said. "I Told Y'all Lets Go To A Park To Talk" He Said.

"Can Someone Enlighten Me On What Yall Are Saying Here" I Said.

"Theres No Light Bright Enough" Aunt Trace Said.

"Whats This About Tay And A Baby?" I Asked.

"Babies" My Aunt Said Correcting Me As She Exaggerated The S.

"Trace I Got This" Ma Said To Aunt Trace. Then She Turned To Me And Patted The Stool Next To Her. "Come Here Gem We Got Lots To Talk About" She Said To Me.

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