Chapter 37

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(Damien Pov)

Lord Forgive Me And Lead Me In The Right Direction... For The Way I Am About To Go Might Not End Well...

"Good Morning Babe..." Tay Said As She Pranced Her Ass Into The Kitchen With Groceries As If The Way For Everybody Is All Great.

"Kids Up Yet?" She Asked As She Came Over And Gave Me Kiss And I Reluctantly Kiss Her Back.

"We Need To Talk" I Simply Said.

"Talk" She Said As She Began To Go Through The Grocery Bags.

It Was A Wrong Decision But I Did What My Mom Suggested. I Did It Just To End The Fued Between My Mother And Tay. But I Dont Think I Shouldve Went With It... At All.

"Who Do They Belong To?" I Asked Facing Tay. Well The Back Of Her Head Cause She Wasnt Paying Any Attention To Me... But To The Groceries.

"Who Do... What?" She Asked. "What Are You Talking About?" She Asked This Time Looking At Me.

"I Was Tired Of This Fued Between You And My Mom" I Began To Say.

"Mhmmm" She Said Turned Away And Began To Fix Things In The Grocery Bag Where They Belonged.

"And I Wanted To End It... So I Did The One Thing That Would Shut My Mom Up... But Turns Out All Along She Was Right" I Said.

"About What?" She Asked Me. "Me Not Being A Good Woman For You Or Me Not Being The Right Woman For You?" She Also Asked.

"Im Talking About Ty And King And The Fact They Arent Mines" I Told Her.

"Who Lied To You?" She Asked Me As She Turned Her Full Attention To Me.

"DNA Dont Lie" I Said As I Toss The White Package Containing The DNA Result Papers To Her.

"I Dont Remember Giving You Permission To Take A DNA Test On My Kids" She Said To Me.

"I Had Permission Tay... After All They Were Suppose To Be My Biological Kids" I Said. "And If You Wanted To Be A Hoe You Couldve Just Told Me" I Said.

"Damien I Aint No Hoe Alright" She Said.

"Obviously You Are" I Told Her. "How The Hell You Explain The Fact That These Kids Arent Mines..." I Said. "You Obviously Been Sleeping Around On Me" I Added.

What Explanation Is There. Ive Been With Tay For So Long. I Was There All The Way... Every Step Of The Way And To Uncover That Neither Of The Kids Belong To Me. Her Cheating Is The Only I Can Think Of.

"You Know What I Aint Gone Stand Here And Hear This" She Said As She Began To Walk Away With A Bag Of Open Ruffle Chips.

I Blocked Her Way And Knocked Her Chips Out Of Her Hands.

"What The Fuck Damien" She Said. "What The Hell Is Your Problem?" She Asked.

"Your My Problem Tay And The Fact You've Been Lying To Me" I Said.

She Just Stood There And Didnt Say Anything. She Just Stared At Me.

"Are We Really Having This Conversation Right Now?" She Simply Asked.

I Had To Look Around Cause It Was Like I Didnt Just Pull Out DNA Papers And So On... So I Had To Take A Deep Breath And I Counted To 3 And Breathed Again...

"Tay Who Is He?" I Calmly Said. "I Deserve To Know" I Added.

"Gemini" She Said.

"Who?" I Asked Not Sure If I Heard Her Right.

"Gemini Is There Father" She Said.

"Your A Hoe... You Know That Right" I Said To Her.

"Damien Fuck You Alright... Cause The Only Hoe I See Is You" She Said To Me. "You Must Think I Think Your All Sweet And Innocent But I Know Everything Damien" She Added.

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