a little bit of romance

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I woke up, finding myself in my room. I tried to get up but I felt that I have less energy. Suddenly, I saw Ryan coming to my room, holding a glass of water and some medicine. He sat beside me and made me seat upright.

"Hey," he said as he touched my cheek. "How are you feeling now?" He asked.

"Okay," I said. He smiled at me sweetly. Man, I miss that smile so much.

"Drink some water," he said as he made me drunk that glass of water. "Did I ignore you too much?" He asked.

I started to cry as I hugged him.

He hugged me back and put a kiss on my forehead. "Sorry, I was only busy."

I cried more. "Ryan please don't hate me! I know it's my fault but I didn't mean it like that," I cried.

"Shhh!" He said as he whipped my tears. "Doctor told me that you were skipping meals. Why? Don't you know that you could get weak?" He asked.

"Well . . . You kept ignoring me so I thought you got tired of me. I thought that I gained more weight and that why you don't like me anymore. So, I skipped meals to loose weight," I said. My head was still leaned on Ryan's chest.

"You know, I could never get tired of you, right?" He said as he kissed my fingers.

"And then Mr. Hudson . . ." I said.

"What did he say?" Ryan asked as he tilted  my head.

"Actually, he wanted to be the most successful businessman and he thought that he can become a successful business man if you are out of his way. He wanted to ruin your company and he thought that I am close to you, so he wanted me to steel your company's data and give it to him. When I denied, he fired me from the job and he also told me that you find out about this and you lost a lot of money in your company which you think is my my fault," I said.

Ryan hugged me closer. "He was lying, baby. I would never hate you," he said. "He was playing with your emotions."

"I don't want to be hated," I cried as I hugged him, more.

"Shhh! I will never hate you," he said as he made me looked into his eyes. "You are my strength, Alexa. Even if everybody turns against you, I will be always there, supporting you," he said as he kissed on my forehead.

He wanted to only kiss me on the forehead but I wanted our kiss to be longer. I wanted him to kiss me, longer with love. I wanted him to make me realized that I can only make his heart raced. I wanted him to make me understand that he means every word that he told me, so I pulled his tie and made him lean closer to me as I crashed my lips on him. He looked surprise for a while but started to kiss me back. His hands roamed on my waist, pulling me closer to him as he deepened the kiss. He explored my mouth with his tongue and I could feel him touching my butt. When Mr. Hudson did that I felt disgusting but Ryan is different. He touch was more warm in a way to make you feel like you deserve to be loved. He pulled me on his lab without breaking the kiss and put his hands on my coat and slowly unbuttoned the coat and threw it on the bed.

I have never feel like this pleasure when we kissed before. This pleasure is like when we want to be together. We broke the kiss and panted for a while. He leaned in near my neck and pressed his lips there, kissing and sucking it hard. A small moaned escaped from my lips as he stopped kissing me and looked away.

"What happened? Did I did anything wrong?" I asked. Why did he suddenly broke the kiss?

"No, you didn't did anything wrong. It's . . . Um . . . If I continue doing his to you then I might not be able to control myself," he said as he blushed a bit. "And, I want our first time to be special, not like this."

I looked at him in confuse. "What first thing? What do you mean by you need to control? What do you need to control, anyway?"

"You don't understand, do you," he sighed. "I will go to my room. Mom is outside if you need any help," he said and went away.

I smiled at myself. He is so handsome and not to mention, very sexy.

At morning . . .

I was cooking in his kitchen when I felt somebody hugging me from behind. I looked back and saw Ryan.

"Hi beautiful," he said.

"Hey," I said as I continued to cook.

"I arranged us a trip," he said.

"Oh, but I have school . . ."

"I know," he said. "I made the whole school taking the trip so you can come in the trip too."

"What?! Really?" I laughed. Man, I never knew that he would do this to have some time with me.

"Yeah," he said. "I went to meet your principal and he gave permission for the trip."

"So, where are we going for the trip?" I asked.

"To the beach," he said.

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