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Dracula By Bea Miller

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Its been three weeks on the farm and your at your breaking point of dying soon. Raphael would get touchy with you. And more; Nicer? idk. He would just randomly give you hugs from behind. Get really kissy. wanting to hold your hand more and more. Sometimes his hand would hurt yours a bit cause he would try to show how much he loves you with Hard holding hands or sometimes Hard hugs would leave bruises on your side. Nothing serious though. Its nice for like a week without electronics but Three weeks? No computer. No cell phone. No TV. Our human generation was so used to it, as were you. You walked up to Raph who was sitting on the couch writting something. "Raphael, can we go home soon?" "As soon as my mating season is over." You wined like a child as you stomped your two feet in a row as your arms were straight with annoyance. "What will it take for it to be over?" You asked. He looked up at you from his writing and rose a brow. He put his pad and pencil down and put his arm on the couch as he patted the seat next to him. 'o dur lord' you thought 'where is this gonna go.' You without hesitation sat next to him. He took his right arm and wrapped you under it as you sat between his legs. You leaned your head on him as you exhaled through your nose. you closed your eyes and felt really relaxed. Its been awhile since you felt just relaxed with him because of all his hornyness. "Y/N." "yea?" you waited for an answer. It was like 6 long seconds then you decided to turn around to face him. He pressed his lips against yours as he caught you by surprise. 'he tricked me. he's such a butt' you giggled in your head. you went with it. 'perhaps he just gets more emotional or he just acts it thinking he can get what he want?' He put his hands under you shirt to where he was holding your tiny waist in his grasp. 'this is ok. he's not doing anything sexual. its alright.' he then went from holding you in his hand to a hug as his kiss got a bit rougher and you at the point where you thought he was gonna bite your lip or something. Like the painful bite not the playful bite. He then pushed you against himself. Your breasts squished against his chest as he unbuckles your bra in the back. His grip was to strong for you to even budge. 'oh my gosh he planned this o.o' He fairly gently played with your breasts as he pushed your body back onto the couch. Your back sinks against soft couch as he hunches a bit to still kiss you and play with your body in his hands. You were tense yet enjoying his dominate behavior. It was really sexy. You put your hands on his shoulders as he stopped crushing you a bit knowing your now enjoying yourself. He took his hands off your body and ripped your shirt off wanting to see your body for himself. He just hovering above you looking at your naked top half. All for him. Made him smile. You blushed "wut." you asked. "Your all mine, and that pleases me." He answered with his deep voice. You blushed a bit more. He laughed "What??" Your so red babe" " shut up." you softly say as you looked away. "I like it." You looked back up to him "Its cute." he continues. He slowly went back down to kiss your pouty lips. His lips sunk into yours as he put his one hand on the couches arch and the other on the couch pillow. You were barricaded in by big strong arms that you knew would protect you. Forever. You felt so in love at the moment. You put your arms around his neck as he then put his hand down your underwear. (Your wearing a skirt) You moaned through the shared kiss as you twitched a bit. You pulled away as you clinched your teeth from the explainable feeling from him playing you. Its ticklish/good/weird/great. Your one eye squinted as you bit your lip. He smiled with his eyes narrowed a bit. he was really enjoying your reactions towards his fingering. He then leaned down and started by licking the tip of your nipple softly then he started making circles around your nipple as saliva drizzled down your breast. You grabbed the pillow behind you with both hands as you were also pushing on it from the excitement being created in your body. Your pussy was becoming hot and wet. He then went to the next nipple as he sucked on it like a baby would. It felt so good. So damn good. You couldn't thanresist him at this point. "Raph *breath* please just stick it in." His eyes rolled up from your breast and up to your face as he was still sucking. He left the nipple with one last lick before he left it alone. he took his two fingers out of you and then he stood up as he pulled off his pants. You watched as you saw the rest of his plastron (Front shell part). You could see the beginning of his thigh, along with his thigh muscles they were moving and bulging a bit as he got his pants off. You stared at your muscular boyfriend in the fairly darkened room. His plastron ended like a man's speedo. It made you giggle a bit. "what?" he asked. "Oh no nothing, Dont worry about it." He gave you a look as his one eye rose a brow and the other a bit lazy. "what." you asked "tell me." you hid your face with the pillow. He walked over as he crawled over on top of you. He pulled the pillow off of you. "what" He asked as he stared at you. You looked away as you answered "the end of your shell in the front looked like a speedo is all." He gave you a crooked smile with his teeth showing a tiny bit as he let out a chuckle. "And i bet you liked it." He teased "..shut up." you softly answered as you looked away. He smiled as he pressed his lips against yours as his knees rearranged to sit next to each of your ribs. You reached down as you started stroking his tail softly. He must've really liked it because his kisses were getting rougher. It was like he was trying to swallow you XD You opened your eyes to look down to see his cock was full grown and throbbing. He backed up his body so he could stick his fat dick in your tight wet walls. He slid off your skirt and looked at your pantys. "your soaking wet." You didn't really say anything. He slipped the pink panties off of you and opened your legs. He took his entire tongue and licked from your pussy to your clit. He just started repeating his tongue action. He was Licking up and only up. He then stuck his whole tongue inside of you. You moaned. He took his tongue out then jabbed it back inside. He used it to rolled around all up inside your insides. He used his tongue to go up and down on your clit. Such a ticklish pleasure. He back away as He rubbed his tip against your pink petals softly as he then pushed inward. You moaned as he was still entering you. He could feel your insides engulf him tighter and tighter the further he got in. He purred a bit as he was finally inside you. He leaned down to kiss you as he was also thrusting softy. His mouth went from your lips and trailed from your chin, to your right jaw to your neck down to your collarbone down to your breast to where he was back to sucking your nipple again as his hand was entertaining the other one. You looked down past his chest; you could see his hips thrusting roughly as your body synchronized with his motions as your back slid up and down on the couch. He grabbed your hips in his hands as he was now going allot rougher and faster. His grip got hard as he got faster. 'He's cumming, I can feel it.' He then came inside of you "Raph! NO Your not supposed to come inside!" "Come on. Its like splinter said, we're to different species, it might not even happen." 'whats with him?!' you screamed in your head. "I wanna stop." you told him. He picked you up as he laid himself on his back as your back was on his front shell, He stuck his dick back inside of you. 'oh crap, this can't be happening again.' His hands on your breasts as they bounced with every thrust. You didn't have a clue why, but you didn't mind the idea of having endless Love with him. And even if he did cum inside again, you wanted a baby anyways right? And you were denying the fact that you loved this sex. It felt good. Amazing in fact! He rolled his shell off of the couch and you to the floor to where you were doggy style. You ass in the air, breasts squished to the floorboards. His hips squishing against your gelatinous ass. It would ripple after every pounding. He lifted your shoulders up from the ground and grabbed onto each breast with his hands and pulled them in different directions and then squished them together. He squeezed them in his clutches as you moaned and squeaked a bit. Your tongue hanging out as he was becoming more rapid and you were getting more slippery. Your warm liquids were drizzling down your thighs. "Please go harder." you pleaded. "what ever you say." He went even harder and faster to where your stomach was moving, your breasts swinging in his grasp. You felt so intoxicated. Your body felt limp and drunk. You could hear your own liquids being splashed out of you from Raphael's dick. He turned you over and continued to ram you. You looked up at him with his Labored breath as his face was looking downward but his eyes closed. He then opened them to see he was being stared at by you. He moved his upper body to you; he kissed you lips once then he went back in again for more. He then came again as he stopped. He took his dick out as he then layed on side next to you. He took his arm to scooch you closer to him. He fell asleep in the next 15 minutes as you just layed there for a bit enjoying this moment. 'why didn't he keep going like mikey and leo did? is it because he usually has sex unlike the brothers?" You hugged his arm tighter as you closed your eyes.

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