Chapter 8

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They sat in the limousine in silent. Yuuto had no idea how much time had passed, but not once he complained or said anything. All the teacher did was hold Seiji-kun' hand gently with both his own. It would be great if this could help him a little, he thought.

At some point Seiji-kun squeezed the hand back without turning his head, his eyes glued to the window. Yuuto knew what filled the artist head, even if they couldn't see from here. Ever since the car parked, the former student stared out the window, his face unreadable.

"I have to go, don't I?" Seiji-kun whispered more to himself than to Yuuto.

"Yes," the teacher said in a low voice after a while. "But you can take your time. I'll be here with you."

Seiji-kun brought Yuuto's hands closer to his mouth and kissed it. "Thank you."

Yuuto widened his eyes slightly for a heartbeat... then a gentle smile appeared on his lips. He rested his head on Seiji-kun' shoulder, closing his eyes. The former student stroke the teacher's hand with his thumb slowly.

Seiji-kun' free hand grabbed the door handle, but didn't do anything else after that. Yuuto only watched as the man he loved took deep breaths, his face trying to keep the empty expression. But the eyes that mesmerized Yuuto betrayed their owner, and the teacher knew the whirl of emotions behind them.

They stayed up almost all night and Seiji-kun poured his heart to Yuuto. He cried and talked about his grandfather, he cried and said he was broken for missing the funeral, and he cried and begged forgiveness for hurting Yuuto. When the tears dried and he was calm enough, Seiji-kun spend the rest of the night telling stories about his grandfather, the memories making him go between laughing and crying.

All Yuuto did was listen, laughing at the right times and hugging Seiji-kun on the others. Is this the only thing I can do to help him? He asked himself then and asked himself again on the limo, the anguish in his heart growing. Yuuto knew personally how hard it was. The artist had to open the door and face reality. And he has to do this on his own. Because after this, Seiji-kun would have to live in a world without his grandfather. At least for that I'll be by his side.

Seiji-kun held his breath and finally opened the door, staring the graves stretching as far as they could see. His eyes changed from empty to watery before he stepped out of the car. Before Yuuto realized it, he grabbed Seiji-kun' arm. The artist turned to him, his lips trembling.

The teacher opened his mouth, looking for the right thing to say... and then he closed it. He couldn't think the right words. Though he had lost loved ones, he was too young to remember how people treated him. How can I say that everything will be fine? How can I say things will get better with time? How can I tell him the pain will get smaller when I still miss my parents? All these thoughts crossed the teacher's mind along a pang stabbing him in the heart. The only thing I can do is be here for Seiji-kun.

The driver appeared at their side out of nowhere. "Here are the flowers, Akaishi-sama." He handed the huge flower bouquet with both hands, bowing slightly.

Thought it was only for a heartbeat, the driver's eyes went to Yuuto, with one hand grabbing Seiji-kun' arm, the other holding the free hand. If he had any feelings for seeing the two men holding hands however, his expression showed none of it.

He's a great professional... The teacher sighed. That's why I'd rather cross-dress, Yuuto thought as he looked down to see the black suit he wore. For Seiji-kun, Yuuto didn't mind cross-dressing outside cosplaying, even if it was for this occasion. But the man he loved was against it.

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