Demons. I can feel them again. But for one time they’re excessively. I can feel how they are getting over me and then I remember it’s that feel the one I’ve been feeling for over 2 years. I remember the words from earlier today. ‘bitch’ ‘slut’ ‘useless piece of shit’ well I’m kinda used to it now but that doesn’t mean it doesn’t hurt. It stil feels like I have nothing. Nothing to look forward to. Nothing to be excited for. Nothing to breathe for. Nothing to live for.                                                                                       I get to the bathroom as I sit on the border of the bath. I look in the mirror and I start thinking. Why the hell am I even here. I’m not supposed to live this sad, I’m supposed to have friends - well I have one – and live a happy life. I can’t wait ‘till graduation then I will finally get released from this hell of a high school. I keep thinking about the words they say to me not just today but every day. ‘Fat ass hoe’ I stop at the word fat. Fat. Am I this fat? I mean i know I don’t have a model body but fat. I change clothes and look in the mirror. The one thing I say is a girl a fat one. I can easily describe this girl with only one word. Broken. I put on a pair of baggy trousers. I’m still in front of the mirror the disgusting mirror. I hate the girl in front of it I wish she was pretty slim and perfect. I look in the cabinet searching for that one thing. The razor. As I find it I go back to the border and sit. Should I or not? I look in the mirror for one time again. ‘Do it’ I whisper to myself. I grab the razor and put it on my arm. I keep thinking about the words and about my not so bright future. “You can clean up the blood but you’ll never be able to clean up the scars” I remember the words coming out of Ali’s mouth. Then I think about her Ali my best friend. The only person who is there for me but not always we don’t even have class together I only see her during lunch. If she is not with any boy. Everyone wants her she is pretty slim and yeah perfect. She is everything I ever wanted to be. ‘Enough’ I say to myself I push the razor deeper into arm and slide it over my arm. I see the blood streaming out of my cut. I stand up drop the razor and run upstairs. When I hear the key scratching in the lock I look up. ‘The razor’ I say to myself. I run to the bathroom but I can’t find it anywhere. I look everywhere but I can’t find the used razor. ‘Come on’ I whisper. I need to find it before my mom does. My heart starts beating faster than normally. ‘Destiny?’ my mom yells from downstairs. ‘Coming’ I say but you could hear the scared tone in my voice from miles away. I feel the tears in my eyes thinking about what would happen if my mom found out. ‘Des?’ she yells again. ‘Almost ready’ I say still looking. I can hear her coming upstairs. I fall on my knees I’m about to faint when I hear my name just at the moment I find the razor under the balance. I hated that thing I hated the numbers on the scale I hated the feeling when you’re standing on top of it. I just hated it. I grab the razor and try to put it in my pocket just as I realize these pants don’t have any. ‘Yes?’ I answer when I see my mom in the entry. ‘I got something for you’ she says with a confused look or is it a worried look. Her face is one big question mark. ‘Oh okay I’ll be there in a minute.’  I say with a look on my face that says “go away”. ‘What are you holding she says pointing at the razor in my hand. ‘Uh nothing’ I say trying to hide it behind my back. She walks towards me and grabs my polse. Lucky for me it’s not the arm with the cuts. ‘Just a razor I was searching it I wanted to shave my legs cause we have P.E tomorrow’ I said. ‘Oh okay’ she answered and walked away

Well this happens to me a lot but I know that after high school I won’t cut anymore well I promised myself that. I think it’s not going to be so hard because the awful people from high school will probably not be coming to the university of Georgia. It’s going to be a new start for me. New people. New friends. New life. But right now I’m still stuck in this hell for 1 month. You would say it’s not that long but for me it feels like ages. I go back to my room after I threw away the razor. Apparently my mom didn’t see the blood that I’m sure of was still dripping of the razor. I grabbed my diary as I started writing.

Dear diary

Lately I’ve been wondering, wondering about my future a lot. If I will make it if I will be able to pass this year the exams are already starting at Monday and I am scared if I will not be able to make it to  next year. I need to get out of high school I can’t stay in this burning hell. I hear hurtful comments every day I cut myself every day I hurt myself every day. I even have to purge out the lunch I ate at school. If I stay there for only one other year. I swear to god I will rot to death. Ali is doing the best for me as she can but she is not an angel she can’t do anything about it. It’s just my destiny. 

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