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I hated weddings. They were long, and boring, and uneventful.

But not this one. This one was great.

Annabeth was my maid of honor, as promised. She wore a beautiful light blue chiffon dress that matched Piper's and my tie. Piper was on the verge of tears, but Annabeth just smiled.

My mom would be walking me down the aisle. She was wearing a royal blue, flowing dress. She was crying.

"Mom," I said. "It's okay,"

"My baby boy is getting married!"

Everyone was crying. What if I started crying? We can't have that...

I haven't seen Jason in a few hours and I miss him. Piper told me I wasn't allowed to see him until I walk down the aisle. I told her that that was stupid. She told me that I was stupid.

I was jittery. "When does it start? A few minutes?" I asked for the fifth time.

"Yeah." Annabeth said, checking her reflection in the mirror.

My mom took my arm and smiled at me. I smiled nervously back. I took one shaky step at a time.

I saw someone from the corner of my eye. Is that... Jason's dad? He hadn't talked to Jason in five years. We sent him an invitation but.... I never expected him to come.

I looked up.

Am I crying?

My vision became blurred.

Yep, I'm definitely crying.

Jason stood, looking strangely tall in his suit. His blue eyes were wide. He slowly smiled at me. How was he not crying?

Damn it, he always does that to me. Stop smiling like that, damn it. It's hard to stop crying.

I didn't understand the wedding. I just wanted to say "I do." And kiss him. It sucks when you have to go through a wedding service without speaking to each other because all I want to do is kiss him.

"I do." Jason looked serious. I regained my posture.

"I do."

"You may kiss the-"

My lips collided with his. "Mmf!"


The room erupted in applause. My heart was pounding against my chest as I pulled away to look at him.

His eyes were blue and all I could see were the horizon where the sky and sea met. I saw the jar of blue sweets my mom would save for me on the top shelf of the cabinet. I saw the sky- vast and open like his arms. Vast and open like the future we would have. Vast and open like freedom- the freedom I dreamed of having since I was twelve- and here he is. In front of me. My fUCKING HUSBAND HOLY SHIT.

I saw the blue of the public pool where children and mothers would stare at the old bruises and scars. I was scared to come out to the water. Jason held my hand and I saw how the blue if his eyes reflected the water. I smiled and felt confident.

I saw the blue of my ex-boyfriend and my now husband. I saw us.

"Fuck, I love you." He sighed.

I kissed him again. I was a married man.

Also I'm getting laid tonight, which is a plus.

I closed my eyes and felt happy. And this was just the beginning.

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