Chapter 12 ~ It's Saturday ~

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Sorry it's super short....and it's not that great of a chapter. My sister got me hooked on C.O.D. so I've been playing that a lot. :P

Sorry. I'll start on the next chapter right away and make it longer.

Rue <3

Chapter 12 ~ It's Saturday ~

“Like having your feet stepped on?” He asked, grunting as he slammed his heel down on my bare feet again and again. I could see bruises forming after the fifth time, even a little bit of blood oozed from my toes. I clenched my teeth telling myself that I'd never do this again.

“I'm sorry Master.” My feet throbbed as he stopped to look up at me from my already purple feet. He back handed me, my body thudding to the floor.

“Never lie to me again! Understood?” He demanded an answer.

“Yes Master.” He stormed out of my room, slamming the door behind him. The oak creaked in protest as it slammed into its frame.

“Brandy?” The door flew open just as fast as it had closed. “Brandy!” Meena started to cry as she stared at my now black feet. The top was a gruesome purple and black, stretching all the way to my ankles. I bit my lip to stop myself from crying with Meena. She grabbed my hand trying with all her might to pick me up. “You're too heavy.” She blubbered, hugging me tightly, rubbing all her tears onto the dress at my waist. “I'll get help!” She tottered away from me to the door.

“No! Meena wait. Let me for a minute.” She looked frightened but nodded and fell back to the floor, lunging her arms out towards my waist. “Shh, it's alright.” I gently cooed, petting her hair. “It doesn't hurt too bad.” I told her through gritted teeth.

“But your feet are black! And your toes are bleeding! They hafta hurt.” Her lips trembled.

“Fine, go get one of the guards. They'll help me.” She nodded and ran out the room. Taking my hand, I put it in my mouth and bit down on it tightly as I moved my legs. I gasped for air against my hand, trying desperately not to scream. I knew I wouldn't be able to stand tomorrow.

“Her feet are all black and she's on the floor.” Meena's voice cried outside the door. I was surprised to see Parker rush into the room. His jaw clenched as he assessed my feet before picking me up and setting me on the bed.

“This was because of dancing...wasn't it?” He sighed when I nodded. “I'll be back.” He left for a moment and came back with a glass of water, two ibuprofen’s, and a first aid kit.

“Thank you Parker.” I mumbled, handing the glass back to him. Meena crawled onto the bed next to me, hugging the life out of my side.

Sitting in a chair, his hands carefully picked up my legs to set my feet on his knees. He cleaned my feet with ointment wipes and placed bandages around the front half of my feet. My back tightened every time he wrapped it around my foot. I could see him cringe with me, even biting his lip.

“He's gonna expect you to work tomorrow.” His gray eyes met mine for a second before he looked down at his hands. Anger burned around his iris', even though they still held their lifeless look. It was strange, but it seemed as if half had stirred to life while the rest was still in limbo.

“I'll manage.” I lied. His head snapped up and a growl left his throat. Meena whimpered next to me. Parker's tense shoulders relaxed.

“Don't lie.” He muttered and left without another word. Meena shivered into my side.

I stared at the open air where he had just been standing not even a moment ago. The way his eyes hardened when I lied, scared me.


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