Fake Date Bait

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The buzzing from my broken down radio echoes in my head even when I unplugged it

The buzzing from my broken down radio echoes in my head even when I unplugged it. I knew I had to talk to Dan's oh so familiar friend. I managed to get her full address from Dan earlier today, and I know I have to go out and indulge in silly banter for his forceful benefits.

I throw on a baggy tank top, sweatpants, a sweater, and my sneakers. If I was going to ask for Dan's freedom, I was certainly not doing it in a fancy dress or crisp clothes.

I grab my keys, stuffing them in the pocket of my sweats as I walk from my room towards the entrance of my home.

"Hey, where are you going?" Joey walks closer to me from the kitchen.

"Oh, I'm just going to see my mum," I lied.

"You and me both know you wouldn't visit your mum out in the blue like this, so where are you actually going to?" He chuckles at the end of his sentence.

"N-No no, I really am visiting my mum. I decided to actually have a talk with her, ya know get my feelings off my chest? Yeah?" I nervously giggle, flipping my hair to the side.

"Awe, that's great, Bells! Do you need me to drive you there?" He picks up his car keys from the side table beside him.

"No need for that, Joe. I'll just walk, I need some air too."

He furrows his brows at me, "you sure? It's pretty dark outside..."

"I'm positive, thanks for the offer Joey. I'll see you later," and with that I quickly left the apartment.

I curse under my breath when my body meets the outdoors cold breeze. I was too much in a rush to go back upstairs, so I began to walk as fast as I could.

Although it is the night, I was informed by Dan, if this person still had their bar job they must have off on Thursday nights. I'm hoping with all my might I don't have to find a nearest bar if she isn't in her apartment.

I walk past the Asylum, I swear I could have heard a scream inside that building, but instead I keep on walking. After about seven minutes later I arrive at the building.

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