England v USA part 2

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Lauren Pov:

After singing, we get our seats to watch the match. I see Y/N. She looks pretty nervous. I look at the rest of her team, they seem a lot of older and mature than her. One of the players goes up to her hugs and says something before the match begins.

Your Pov:

The US were starting the game. I knew I was marking Alex Morgan. That's going to be an struggle but I know I can do it. The tipped the ball and started to play.
*skip 20 minutes into the match as noting happens*
There another 25 minutes left in the first half. I manage to get ball before I. Knew it Morgan was on me like an hawk. I decided to play and do some snazzy tricks to to get her confused and passed the ball between her legs to teammate. They passed it onwards to Jordan and she crossed it into the box but quickly grabbed by Hope Solo. I muttered under my breath. I love Hope Solo she's An amazing goalkeeper but sometimes I get annoyed with her. She kicks the ball out and I see Fran somehow managed to get down the pitch before me and passed it to me. I see the goal is open I began to run up the pitch it along with Fran and some of the rest of the girls come up to help me in the box. In the corner of my eye I see Morgan running to slide tackle me I manage to pull the ball back before she tackled the grass hard, I proceed to run and crossed the ball in and see Katie is open. She headers the ball and scored an goal. We scored an goal against the American oh my god. Katie runs to me and I manage to grab her just before I fell. The rest of the girls run to celebrate with us. I felt all the weight off me and see Alex S pulls me up we run back to position.
There were only ten minutes left when I look up at the clock. Now we need to defend but push up for a second goal to be safe. But very quickly Morgan got the ball and storming for our goal I chase after her and see Demi going for the slide but missed and see Alex dribbled to avoid Denis slide tackle. I managed to get the ball and bring the ball back to the center of the pitch and kick upwards to Fran and Katie. Before I knew it I heard the whistle of the ref signaling of the first half.

We run into the dressing room, I grab a bottle of water and an orange and eat it quickly. Mark begins to start talking about what we need to improve and defend more.

Ten minutes later

The second half begins, I'm starting with Fran. "We can Fucking do this,Lets" I say to her and fist pumping her. She smiles and nodLet's go!" I pass her the ball. We begin running most of the girls run with us up to the US goal I see Fran struggling as she been ganged up three players I come up behind them, she manages to passes to me and I cross it into the box and Fara headers it but misses the goal. I am so determined to win this match.

Skip 20 minutes later in the match. A/N ( I can't write much football! I'm bit of rusty writing football!)
I manage to get the ball, I run up as close I could to the goal to score but then I see Solo and Johnson coming for me. The next thing is it's all black. I hear fainting shouts, I must've blacked out for an sec. I look up to see Solo arguing with the ref. He pulls an yellow card to Johnson and Solo. I get helped up by Kelley O' Hara. "You got an plenty," she says as I look confused. I fix myself up and I look at my team to revive an thumbs up. Looks like I'm taking the shot. I stand up to the plenty box with the box. I see Solo trying to scare me off but it ain't going to work on me. I breath in and out I hear the refs whistle I begin to run to the ball as kick it as powerful as I could to see the ball hitting the back of the net. I run to my team celebrating. Two minutes remaining of the match we defend off very well to win the match 2-0. We have beaten the world champions!
I go around to the American shaking there hands, Solo come up to me. "Good game Y/N and a nice goal. I'm surprised I didn't scare you," she smirks at me. "You don't scare me at all. By the way your one of my heroes so how can I." I get a hug and an smile off her before she walks of to her team. I jog over to the girls and we all hug and high five, after that we go to meet fans taking selfles and signing autographs. After that, we get to for showers and do recovery ice baths which can be unpleasant but I find them helpful to relax the muscles. We all get dressed and head out to the bus. I accidentally bump into someone. "Opps sorry I didn't see where I was going." I look up to see these green eyes looking at me.
"Holy crap your Lauren J," I say before I stutter. Lauren's smiles. "And holy shit your Y/n L/n," she says. I pull out my hand for a hand shake. "Well, it's pleasure to finally meet you instead of twitter and texting," I say smiling. "You too, your team heading back to the hotel?" Lauren asks. "Yes, are you and the girls in the same hotel as us?" she nods before pulling a strand of her hair behind her ear. Damn, she's so cute even doing that.
"So I see you at the hotel then. It was good to see you, Lauren. Oh, one more thing you and the girls killed singing the anthem." I wink at her before I walked off to get on the bus. Holy shit I met Lauren finally. I begin to fangirl when I get on the bus. "What got you so excited?" Leah asks when she sits beside me. "I met Lauren outside the dressing rooms," I say smiling goofily.

*Skip the bus ride to the hotel*
We have a team dinner all dressed up, after that, we had our free time before bed so I decided to text Lauren.

Y/N: hey Lauren, want to meet up? I'm in the hotel lobby bored. 😂
Two minutes later
Lauren💚: Hey! Omg yes! I need to sneak out of me and Dinah's room. The girls are watching a movie. 😊
Y/N: okay take your time.☺

Is this a good idea to hang out with Lauren. Do I look okay?

A/N: just going to Leave this as a cliffhanger! So hello everyone thanks you so much for reading the First part so far and hope you all like the second part! You and Lauren finally got to meet! So for any grammar also!
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