Captain Pops

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"This is just awesome," Peter grimaced as he eyed the damaged web shooter, atop his father' Tony's work station. He peeled his mask over his head, gripping it between his fingers.

"What's wrong this time?" Steve walked into the room, suddenly worried as to why Peter seemed so agitated.

"It's my web shooters. That idiot Deadpool damaged it with his stupid Katana." Peter cursed and Steve chuckled, gently squeezing his son's shoulder. Though Peter wasn't amused, for his encounter with the Mercenary was anything but amusing.

Deadpool was engaging in another one of his hired assassinations, and Peter had attempted to stop him. But like every other time that he tried, he failed. This time it caused him a brand new webshooter, and this was the third one Tony had made him since the week started.

"It's ok Kiddo, I'm sure your father will fix it for you." Steve spoke, and his mind ran to Tony who had been missing for the better part of the day.

"Where is he by the way?" Peter asked raising an eyebrow.

"He's supervising the repairs to the East wing of the Stark Tower that Doc Ock destroyed." Steve picked up the remote control, flipping a couple buttons and a camcorder shot of Spider-Man, webbing a pole away just as it's about to hit a young woman. Steve pauses the TV on Spider-Man, swinging in the air, down to the podium of Stark Towers on a web.

"You need to lift your legs higher when you catch things with those webs of yours." Steve suggested, noting Peter's unbalanced steps.

Peter eyed the footage in angst, further dreading the Combat Talk with Steve.

"You mean what I allowed him to destroy?" Peter sounded distraught, but Steve was not about to let him feel guilty.

It had been enough that Tony almost flipped out when they found out he was Spider-Man. He had kept his secret from his father's for a whole year, and although Steve was enthusiastic and happy that Peter had such spectacular abilities. Tony was scared for his son's life, in a much different way than the super soldier could understand. He feared other side effects from the bite Peter had mentioned, and with samples of Peter's blood Tony constantly monitored his son's health.

It took one year for Tony to finally come to terms, with Peter being around for the rest of their lives. But Tony and Steve were proud parents, and Tony Stark had seemingly grown fond of the boy after his love for science and technology was revealed. Carrying on into years of them doing research, and perfecting his first ever professionally made suit.

Tony had found the suit; or rather the mess he had meagerly put together, and the scientist and technology freak had a fit. Steve being the less brash of the two, had them all talk it over. And Tony reluctantly agreed to some ground rules, offering to keep Peter protected. Since Spider-Man had recently gotten a lot of popularity, and with that came enemies of all kinds. Majority of the times after, Tony would be scared to death. Leading him to stalk his son on a regular basis to make sure no harm comes to him.

Peter loved that about the man, but sometimes it could be suffocating.

"It wasn't your fault Peter, and you can't exactly let Tony hear you say that." Steve mused and Peter smiled, knowing that Tony Stark himself damaged his own place a lot too.

"You're right, he's still not comfortable with me being Spider-Man. Maybe that's why he says I should keep my identity a secret." Peter surmised, but he feared Jameson figuring out the link between Tony Stark and the Spider-Man.

It was well known that I was the son of the two most vital members of the Avengers, but nobody had figured out that Peter Parker was Spider-Man yet. People also knew that Tony Stark mentored Spider-Man, still nobody figured it out. And Peter loved it that way, seeing that he had friends. Also Deadpool would probably tease him, for being the nerdy and clumsy son of the Avengers, Tony Stark and Steve Rogers.

"Captain, it appears that Sergei Kravinoff is in central Manhattan. It does not look good Sir." Jarvis announced and Steve looks in Peter's direction.

"What is Kraven doing in New York?" Steve asked in surprise, remembering the hunter that Doc Ock hired to take out Peter.

"I got this Dad," Peter announced quickly pulling his mask back on.

"Are you sure? I could suit up." Steve offered but Peter waved him off.

"I've taken down Kraven a lot of times Pops, I think I can handle him this time." Peter boasted in a high voice and Steve shook his head.

"Fine, but keep your com-link on this time." Steve warned and Peter groaned as he walked away.

"Not if you know who, shows up and damages it again." Peter sighed heavily. "I swear that guy has issues," he said shaking his head and Steve shrugged.

"Maybe you can smooth him out a bit, you happen to be very persuasive." Steve affirmed nodding.

"I do don't I?" Peter asked, his voice high in confidence.

"Don't let it get to your head. Come back here in once peace, not a dozen pieces." Steve begged and Peter chuckled as he hopped on the edge of the balcony.

"Don't worry Pops," Peter saluted Steve before he sprung off the side of the building.

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