Chapter 12 - Doubt and Stupid Plan

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"Lady Charlotte Brandon"  I enter and curtsied as the door closes.

"Lottie." he offered his hands to me and I kindly took them. He lifted them up to his lips and placed a kiss on them.

"Henry." I shook my head

"At least offer me this one comfort, my love."

"You are still married. And as such I will remain a friend no matter what feelings I bare for you." He sighed

"I am wishing to seek a divorce from Anne. Since she has bore me no son and I feel our marriage was born out of lust which has no faded into nothingness." he sat down

"Henry, she is carrying your child. What if she has a son, the heir you so want. Moreover what makes you think if all your plans work that i would give you a boy. There is no way of knowing."

"That is what astrologers are for, my love."

"Yes because they have worked so far." i folded my arms and he looked up

"What do you mean by that."

"Did they not promise you a boy when Catherine was pregnant? Same with Anne? They simply whish not to have their head cut off. They know above all else you want a son. Which brighs me back to my other question what makes you think I could?" he stood up and took me by the hands

"Because you will be my rightful wife. It will please me and god that i have chosen you, therefore you will give us a son."

"And what if I have a girl? Will you divorce me? I would rather know now than suffer heartbreak."

"Don't ever think such a thing."

"It's true, you take a wife they have a girl, you try again then your grow bored and look somewhere else. Do you remember what I said is needed in a relationship."

"Of course. Love, loyalty and trust."

"I love you. I am loyal to you. But how can I trust you when I have seen and heard what you do to your wives. Believe me there is nothing more I wish than to be your wife, to give you not just one son but many. But I cannot promise, because it is not mine to make. Will you still love me then?" I sigh and break away from him and curtsied  leaving.

"A few days later I was back in court and my Uncle approached me.

"His majesty wishes to see you." he whispered in my ear. I nodded

"Uncle, I know you are no fool. I know you know the King has affections for me and I for him."

"I do."

"What is your opinion." We stopped and he looked around taking me where we could not be heard

"My opinion is you are changing him. For the better, he asks about you constantly when you are not near. He wants to know everything."

"I'm scared. I'm scared that if I let myself go to him completely then I will end like Catherine or worse Anne. You know he wishes to divorce her."

"I know. But you a far more different from them. Now you know I am not like the Boleyn's and wish more power and you are not like Catherine stubborn and bias. If his Majesty was to marry you, I believe the world would be a better place. Not only because you make each other more happy. But I feel that with time you would be able to heal the contrary and his family. Which the Queen's have torn apart in their own way."

"Yes, but if any of that were to happen it would all rely on me becoming pregnant with a son. Do you have any idea what pressure that is in the first place? It will be worse with the King, two have already failed and this conversation and his plans for divorce could all come to nought if Anne has a boy."

"I do not wish the current babe ill but I know the King does not wish for it. He knows he won't be able to do anything. And that means he cannot marry you"

"This is too much pressure." I cover my face.

"Do you love him?" Charles questions me

"You know I do, even though I have tried so hard not to."

"He loves you I can see it. For the first time he is in love. You are loyal to him"

"Of course but I cannot trust him."

"Because of what he's trying to do? Lottie you have not asked him to do this, none of what is occurring is your fault. Your virtues still stand intact. The Queen has brought this upon herself it would happen anyway even if he wasn't in love with you." I sigh "You trust me do you not?"

"That is a silly question Uncle Charles, of course I do."

"Then trust me when I say this, I am sure that what you give to him he will gladly give back. As long as he has you everything will be alright." He assured me and hugged me

"Do not be afraid. Everything will be alright. Come, we mustn't keep him waiting." He took me to Henry and the door closed behind me.

"Lottie." I turned round.

"Your majesty." I curtsied  he took my hands and held them to his chest.

"I wanted to talk about our argument earlier, I'm sorry if I upset you."

"It was I who did you. It is me that should be sorry. To think I could talk to you like that?" I shook my head

"You spoke your mind, it is one of the things I love about you." he stroked my face and my eyes fluttered closed.

"You never let me answered your question." I opened my eyes. "Yes i would still love you, what we have is right. God and everyone will see it. You will be my wife, Queen and mother to my children. Whatever they may be."

"Do you really mean that." I felt a few tears prick my eyes.

"With all might heart." he placed a soft kiss upon my head. Come, sit with me there are matters I wish to discuss with you." he pulled out a chair for me. Once I was seated he took my arm and knelt next to me.

" I ask you only one thing. That you allow me to serve and worship you as Lancelot served and worshiped Guinevere. My love will you let me." I sat silent for a minute before nodding.

"Might I kiss your hand?" I nodded once again and he placed a gentle kiss on my knuckle. He stood up and sat just across from me.

"When I take you as my wife and Queen I wish you to be in favour with the court and its people. So far they know nothing of our affections of each other. You are pure in their eyes and I wish for it to remain so. But the slightest touch in the midst of prying eyes and they shall be like Dogs to a birds. Which is why your Uncle and I have devised a plan for their eye to be turned away from our growing friendship to another."

"What do you mean."

"We are going to make them believe I seek another."


"I will not have you harmed or disgraced with such rumour I know they will speak."

"So you would rather put upon another? Who?"

"Lady Jane Seymour."

"Sir John's daughter? But Harry he's your friend."

"You called me Harry." he smirked

"No the point. To protect me you would disgrace another." I stood "I cannot be a part of this."

"You won't. I wanted you know to that no matter what you hear I will be true to you and my promise." The door opened again and My Uncle stood there. I curtsied once again and left.


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