Chapter 35

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A week. Its been a week since I have been avoiding Xavier. I dodge him everywhere. The school canteen, hallways, parking lot. I keep my curtains shut 24/7. He tried to approach me in the begining but me being the chicken I am, ran away in the other direction.

But there is one place I can't avoid him. The math class. We share it together and there is no way I can't attend it. Just like right now. Its time for my math period and that is where I am headed. I breathe in relief as I see Xavier has not yet arrived. I don't know why I have been avoiding him. And I don't want to dwell on that thought either.

I take the first seat, I hate to do that but it helps me leave the class without even having to see him. I can't face him after... everything. Everything I have done and everything that he has. He hasn't really done anything but... its complicated. I keep my head buried into the math text book.

"Hey." I hear a voice and my heart leaps for the tiniest millisecond thinking its Xavier. But its Albert, a classmate of mine.

"Hey. What's up." I say back.

"Nothing. I was wondering why you shifted to front benches suddenly." He says in teasing way. Everyone in this class knows how good I am at math.

"Haha yeah actually the mid sem is next month and I want to cope up with maths..You know how much I suck at math." I laught it off and he buys it, sitting next to me. Even though I don't want to, I know exactly at what precise moment Xavier enters. I can feel his eyes on me but I pretend to be engrossed in studies. He then goes to his usual place at the back and I sigh.

Math passes over agonizingly slow and I leave as soon as the teacher finishes. I walk to the canteen where I find Bella and Carly waiting for me. They are both now dating Alec and Jacob respectively. Alec asked Bella on the night of the ball just like Xavier while Jacob couldn't muster up the courage until the last Sunday. I smile as I take a seat and the group chatters.

I see Jacob kiss Carly on her forehead and I instantly dive into the memory lane. All the times when Xavier kissed my forehead pop up and I cringe at the thought of us staying apart. I do feel something for him. And its strong but I am just a coward to admit that. The fear of losing him is greater than my confidence to accept my feelings. I wish this was easier. I wish Chase never came in my life. I wish mom was alright. I wish happiness didn't scare me now. I wish I could tell Xavier how much I lov..feel for him.


The way he kissed my forehead in the hospital, it made me feel so much better. If I think what I felt for Chase was love then what I feel for Xavier is the epitome of the feeling.

"Earth to Samantha?!"

He makes me feel safe, happy and secure. Chase was sweet, very sweet and that is why I couldn't see his real side. But Xavier- he is open. What he does, who he is, he has always been truthful for me and maybe that is the reason I trust him so much. And his eyes, they speak everything even if he is silent. The night he told me, I could see he was speaking the truth. Don't ask me how but I just know it. In less than 4 months he has managed to come closer to me than Chase ever had in the entire two years of our relation.


Ofcourse there is no comparison between Xavier and Chase. With Xavier its different. Its magical and its strong. He makes my entire being-

"Oucchh!" I squeal as I grab my badly pinched arm. I glare at Carly and Bella.

"What the hell was that for?"

"Well we wanted you to land back on the earth here with us since you were drifting away to you memory space." Bella says and I realize that I had been so engrossed in my thoughts, I didn't realize that my friends already got my lunch for me.

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