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I know some of the rooms and furniture don't match the year, but I didn't like the other rooms that popped up XD




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"Ponyboy, I love you. I really do, but if you drop one more box I'm gonna have to break your toes." I darkly narrowed my eyes at him.

"It was an accident, Del." Pony snappily defended himself, shooting me a glare.

"So will me breaking your toes." I falsely smiled back at Pony.

"Two tried to warn me.." Pony grumbled as he walked down the hall towards our bedroom.

"That little.."

"Did you know we were comin', Del?" Two-Bit poked nosily his head into the small house with a toothy grin. Steve's head popped in from underneath of Two's not even a second later and I giggled.

"At some point I knew you two were." I casually replied.

Two and Steve entered Pony and I's house and examined all of the rooms. They went from room to room to snoop around, and I knew it was because they were searching for anything they might want to 'borrow' later on. As they did their own tour they both made obnoxious comments almost every time they walked into a different room.

"Oh look, a fireplace." Two points at the small fireplace in the corner of the living room.

"Hey, you guys got a sweet guitar." Steve complimented Pony's acoustic guitar he got at a garage sale a few weeks ago.

"That's one sick tub." I rolled my eyes, figuring they were talking about the guest bathroom.

"Holy shit, a swinging chair!" Two excitedly yelled once him and Steve returned.

At the last comment I jumped up from the soft couch and sat down in the swing before he or Steve even got the chance to try it out for themselves. Two's jaw dropped down with a harsh stare directed in my direction.

"Del, I was gonna sit there."

"This is my chair." I grinned, getting very comfortable in the swing with a smug grin.

"I tried sitting in it the first day and she pushed me out of the way." Pony told Two-Bit and Steve, making his way into the room.

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