9 Mr. Jefferson

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After being pulled out of bed multiple times you and Lafayette were finally in a Carriage with a warm Blanket. Your body snuggled up against it as it was still very cold. The carriage came to a stop and Lafayette stepped out the Carriage with you in his arms. Your jaw dropped as soon as you seen where you were. The beautiful grass and flowers covered the whole lawn.

As soon as your eyes looked up even more a Man dressed in purple velvet Met your eyes. He had puffy Afro and kinda resembled your Husband. A smirk was worn on his face, "Mr. Lafayette! Welcome to my home, who is this lovely woman ?" He asked laughing.

Lafayette gritted his teeth "Mon Cher introduce yourself" he said putting you down. Your Eyes met Jeffersons. "I'm (y/n) who might you be?" You asked trying to be polite, This mans vibe was making you slightly uncomfortable.

"I'm Thomas Jefferson! Nice to meet you (y/n)!" He said winking. A huge blush crept up on your face as you turned around. Lafayette smiled at your shyness, "Mon Ami could we come inside?" He asked getting frustrated.

Once you two were inside with Thomas, Lafayette rushed off to find his Study in the House. A pair of hands sneaked around your waist, You jumped at the sudden touch. "Your very Lovely (y/n)" he said pushing up against you. Your body was saying yes but you pushed away anyway.

"What are you doing!?" "Your my husbands friend!" You screamed hoping Lafayette would hear. Soon enough he came running down the huge Corridor. "Mon Cher are you okay?" He asked grabbing your hands in his.

Your couldn't speak because A lady walked in the Room. "Thomas, H-" she stopped as soon as she saw you and Lafayette. She rushed out with an embarrassed look on her face. Thomas cleared his throat, " Lafayette would you like to get to work?" He asked not looking at you.

Okay! That's it for this chapter. I know it's kinda short, but what do you think of Thomas in this chapter? Also I added Sally in this story just because I thought she would fit in with Thomas. also I'll be taking names and genders for Baby names! I also want to Thank you guys for over 1K reads! I woke up today and checked it out and was is excited! I just want to thank you so much for reading! The next Chapter will be out about in a few days once I get a draft going.

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