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Hiccups narration

This is Berk. The best kept secret this side of, well, anywhere.
Granted this wet heap of rock may not look like much, but it packs more than a few surprises.

Since the battle with Drago, different types of dragons were discovered, new people moved into the island, everything couldn't be more perfect.

Or so I thought.

Your POV

I flew at top speed across the tops of the water on my nightfury, Sapphire. We did barrel roll flips, nose dives, wing claps. I yelled in enjoyment pumping my fists in the air, but the yell is slightly muffled by my mask.
I smile at my nightfury.
"Come on Sapph, let's go."

Sapphire rolled her tongue and nodded before flying off towards an island.

Later me and Sapphire landed on the island. I take a treat out of my saddlebag and feed it to my dragon. I look around the small cove.
Where is he?
I thought. I looked around the cove looking for him.

Suddenly, someone tackled me to the ground. I flipped around and launched them off with my feet, getting out my dagger. I press a button and the blade bursts into flame. I hold it near the attackers head.

Then I realize who it was.

"Eret you Idiot." I punch him in the shoulder.
He chuckles and holds his shoulder.

"Glad to see you too y/n." He said sitting up once I got off of him. Sapphire ran over and started playing with Eret. He chuckled as the dragon jumped around him with her tongue lolling to the side.

"And you too Sapph." He smiled fibbing the dragons head.

Then suddenly a large dragon appears behind Eret, creating a looming shadow behind him. The dragon growls at me, narrowing his eyes.

I look right into the eyes of the dragon and walk towards it, slowly reaching my hand out, looking the other way.
I start whispering to the dragon, speaking softly, so softly only the dragon could understand what I was saying.

The dragons eyes went round and he stopped growling. He make a small cooing sound before touching my hand. I smile turning towards the dragon, searching his chin.

"And that would be Skullcrusher." Eret said. I turn to him. "This is your dragon?" I asked. He nodded.
I smile tho he can't see it before turning to his dragon.

"Hey bud, what's up?" She dragon rubbed against me and I giggle hugging his horn.

"I'm still amazed on how you're able to do that." Eret said walking over to me and Skullcrusher. I shrug. "It's a gift." I say mysteriously before walking back to Sapphire.

"So where is this place exactly?" I ask.
He rubbed the back of his neck.

"Eret, where are we?" I ask him sternly.

"Berk..." He mumbled.

"Are you kidding me? They'd kill us if they found us here!" I shout.
"No! It's okay! They accepted me, they'd-"

"You mean you live here?" I cut him off.

Eret nodded. "It's not so bad y/n, they forgave me, they'd forgive you. Everyone would love you."

I sigh, "Eret you know I can't." I say turning towards my dragon. She made a soft cooing sound and rubbed against me.

"No, you can, it's alright." Eret said taking a step towards me.

"No Eret, my names been mentioned too many times along with Drago's. It's not safe for me to be here."

"Y/n, please. They have dragons here, and the chief also has a nightfury. They had stables and training Arenas. They train the kids of Berk to ride dragons. It's perfect for you here."

A minute of silence passed. I sigh and hop on Sapphire. "I'll think about it." Then we took off I into the sky, disappearing into the distance.

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