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Jungkook woke up in the morning to find an empty space next to him. Rubbing his eyes before getting up to search for his boyfriend, Jungkook walked towards the living room calling for his boyfriend. "Tae?" He sleepily called out. A hmm came from the kitchen as he walked towards it.

"Hmm, why weren't you in the bed." He snuggled in his boyfriend's neck and back hugged him. "I'm making breakfast, Kookie." A cute giggle came from the older boy. Jungkook turned the latter around to see him with his usual glasses that looked way too cute for a twenty years old boy. "You're so adorable." He coos before giving Taehyung a peck.

"Aish, I told you to stop calling me adorable, I'm older than you." The boy huffs with a pout visible on his lips. "Sorry, I can't, you're way too adorable." He receives a quick and soft punch on his chest before the latter in front of him hides his face on his chest. "You're always so cheesy." Taehyung snorts before placing a kiss on Jungkook's chest.

"Sit over there, I'll bring you your breakfast." Jungkook nods and heads towards the dinning table. Few seconds later, Taehyung comes with a plate of omelet and two bacons placed on it. "Thank you." Taehyung hums and starts eating his own breakfast. "Let's go on a date later." Jungkook suggested in the middle of eating. "Okay." A quick response comes from Taehyung.

"My baby is so cute." Jungkook coos before reaching to softly pinch the older's cheeks. Taehyung stares at him with a pout which made Jungkook's heart melt. "I'm going to have a heart attack." Jungkook clenches his chest where the heart was located. "What? Why? Are you okay?" Taehyung worriedly bombards him with questions. Jungkook just laughs making Taehyung cross his arms.

"What's so funny?" Taehyung whines looking away. "You're so adorable it hurts." Taehyung snorts at Jungkook's comment. "Kookie, I don't think you're nineteen years old." Taehyung shakes his head and shoves another bacon inside his mouth. "I never said I was." Jungkook teasingly wiggles his eyebrows. Taehyung simply groans at his boyfriend.

"Baby, do you want to stay home instead of going to date? I can give you massage since you work hard." Jungkook smirks and Taehyung blushes looking away. "O-okay." The older boy gets up taking both of their plates to the sink.

a.n: another fluff book ! 💕

random idea ~

It won't really have plot , it's just cute and fluff short story , I hope you'll enjoy it. I have always thought tae looked really cute and adorable in glasses and so here it is haha ,

and , yes they live together in an apartment. Taehyung works (store) and Jungkook has one month of school left ;-;

This is how Tae looks in the story 💕

This is how Tae looks in the story 💕

He even looks hot af 😏

He even looks hot af 😏

~ enjoy
; mila

Glasses || vkook ¡Lee esta historia GRATIS!