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I wake up to Jack. Gone. Just like every other Sunday morning. Though, mom's at church and he doesn't have to leave before me, or my mom are awake. He does anyway.

I check my phone for any notifications I could of gotten during the night. There was one, a friend request from Jane on Kik. I quickly accepted.

I get up and go into the bathroom to brush my teeth. When I finish, I step out of the bathroom ,and into the hallway.

Then, I smell the amazing smell of breakfast cooking in the kitchen. I walk fast to the amazing smell- slightly confused because mom was at church- I made my way into the kitchen.

Jack was there. Cooking. Shirtless. Even from the side, you could see his perfectly sculpted abs. His arms slightly flexed as he got the plates from the cupboard. And begun to make the table.

Before I could think of more to describe about his body, I made myself known.
"Hey, Jack.?" I asked with surprise clear in my voice.

"Hey, Carson. I made breakfast for us," He said as he turned to me and smiled nervously.

"Thank you," I said as I made my way towards the table.
"So, I've been thinking of what you said, about me meeting your mom, and you meeting my parents" He said as he put a piece of bacon in his mouth. I knew there was a reason he made breakfast for me, and was looking nervous when he saw me.

"yeah, that's a good idea since well, you know it's been ten years," I laughed as he brought my plate to me and pulled to chair out for me to sit. When I did, he pulled it back to the table with ease.

"So.. when do you plane for me to meet them?" I asked.

"Well, maybe we will go for lunch and I could introduce you to everyone, I don't know in a few weeks at least," he said as he begun to eat the eggs on his plate. Just then I had gotten a text, from Jane off of kik. Hey, is Jack with you?, It said. I replied with, yeah, is everything okay?

A few minutes reply until she text back. She said Yeah, everything is okay. Just wanted to know where he was. Did he stay at your house last night as well?

Yeah, he stayed over.

Oh, okay, I was just slightly worried about him.

Yeah, he's okay, he made breakfast for us this morning

awe that's so sweet of him. Anyway, I gtg ttyl

I put my phone away, and look up to see Jack looking at intensely with his arms crossed.
"What?" I asked as I shrugged my shoulder.

"Who was that Carson?" He asks clearly trying to keep his cool.

"Um...Jane.?" I said as I looked into his eyes. They turned from dark blue, to a lighter shade the dark again.

"Wait.....Jane who?" He asked, slightly raising his voice. Which he's only done once.

"Jane as in your sister.?" I asked. His eyes got big and I sat there. Trying to read his expressions.

"How do you know her Carson?!" He was as close to yelling as possible. When I flinched as his sudden outrage, he cooled down. "Listen. I..I'm sorry, I just need to know how you know jane.

" I ran into her at the park a few days ago," I replied, not looking into his eyes. He sighed in relief. I got up and went to my room.

About fifteen minutes later, Jack knocks on my door, then without even letting me tell him if it's okay if he came in, he swings the door open. This time, I notice he has a shirt on.
"Carson..,"he says, sadness clear in his voice.

"What?" I ask coldly.
"I'm sorry I freaked out back there. You just don't understand," he says as he sits on the foot of my bed.

"Jack, before I go to meet anyone else of your family I want to know all of these little secrets you have piled up that I don't know about," I said wile going to my dresser.

"Do you remember the night we met," Jack asked looking down at his hands.

"Yes?" I ask as I turn to him and sit on my dresser , swinging my feet off of the side of the dresser.

"Okay, you remember what I said to you? When I scared you?" He asked.

"Yeah?" I ask. The moment I said this, the front door opened and my mom yelled my name. Jack got up, kissed my head and left through the window without another word.

Then my mom came into my room with McDonald's in one hand and her keys in the other.
"Is everything okay?" She asked.
"Why wouldn't it be?" I ask back.
"There is breakfast on the table, hardly touched," my mom says, very confused.
"Oh, I woke up late and made it, then I forgot my phone in my bedroom and came back to get it. Then you came back and now here we are." I lied easily.

"Oh, well okay,"my mom says as she lays down the food, "I brought you some food if you want to eat it."

"Thanks mom, I appreciate it," I sayed as I went on my bed and checked my phone. Nothing.

I lay on my bed and found myself drifting off into the darkness of sleep. Soon, I found myself thinking of Jack, and what that beautiful angel could of done. I couldnt see him even hurting a fly. But, you never know what goes on under the surface. I wander if I would be strong enough to walk away if it came to that. Honestly, I don't think I would.

I'm sucked into the darkness of dreams, and dream of the man under the pointy nose.

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