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Ross's POV:


That's all i felt inside.

But i could feel it. Yes, It consumed my entire body.


Have you ever lost somebody and all you ever wanted to do was just sit there? Because it was so bone crushing, heart throbbing that your heart just could not take it? You would go into shock, and watch your whole body calopse, as her other dear friends sit in the cornor. You would watch as the tears trickle down their face and you WISH you could cry. Cry to the heavens, but you can't. You just sit there, on the titled floor, and watch as doctors rush other patients in their hospital beds to surgery. You almost feel like screaming at the patients, knowing and wishing that it should be YOUR loved one, and not somebody else's. You pray that just for a second that this all is a dream,

But it's not. And it never will be. This is real, this is life.

I glanced over at Jade. We made eye contact for a second, she couldn't cry either. But I watched her for a second; She rubbed her eyes and just sat there next to a crying Riker. Then, she rubbed her stomach and let out a scream, then she began bawling uncontrolably. Riker tried to calm her down but she onlu pushed him away.

"It's going to be okay.." Riker tried to confort her through tears. I could tell he was struggling to even speak.

I walked over, and gave her a big hug, whichg seemed to calm her down a bit. Jade just krept on saying. "I want to die, I want to die." And everytime I would respond with "No you don't, no you don't."

"You don't know me!!!!!" She said, calming down slightly.

"Maybe not: but I know how you feel." This made her look up, the mascara ran down her cheeks.

"How could you-" Jade was intrupted by a doctor coming over to us, tears in his eyes.

"Would you like to see her one more time?" He asked us, glancing over at all us Lynch's.

We all glanced around at each other. Ultimately we all walked into the room. "Sure."

I stared down at my feet. I could not, would not look up and have my last memory be re-written. I wanted to remember my paramore by the big smile she always had on her face. And her beautiful hair whipping in the wind as we ran along the sidewalk. I would remember her touch as she gripped my hand for the first time, or the first time I kissed her. I would remember her smeel; the cherry blossom scent that would come from a hug that would rub off on me. I would remenber the big toothy grin she always had on her face. 

And I would remenber the few days previous that nobody knew about it. Something that nobnody would ever see coming. Something that would make a grown man cry if he had heard the blood curling detail. 

I found the courage to look up. 

Her face was pale, and cold as ice. Harmony's lips were chapped and her hair was greasy and falling out. Her body was probably the thinnest I have ever seen it, even through her aneroixa. I was afraid to even hold her hand because she looked so lifeless. I hid tears.

I glanced over at a crying 8 and a half month pregnant Jade. She slowly sat down and held her bestfriend's hand. Then she kissed her left hand. 

It was right there that I knew Jade also knew. 

Harmony and I were engaged. 

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