Chapter 5

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Justin p.o.v
I woke up cause kept feeling some wet on my dick now I just have my eyes close I felt teeth on my dick I got up and look to see Selena sucking me
"Oh my god baby you should do this every day" I humped her mouth over again then Selena deep trout me I was about to cum then Selena stop I was pissed
" what the fuck baby I was about to cum why did you stop"
"Because I want to take a shower fine"Selena said I went down stair and called liua I turned on the tv I heard a knock on the door liua was here she walked in
"I missed you daddy and jerry"liua said

With Selena
Selena p.o.v
I got out of the shower then got dressed by putting on justin shirt I walked down stair and into the kitchen I was going to make beast fast I walked over to the living room to see some girl sucking Justin's dick
"What the hell is this "justin looked up
"It's not what it looks like "justin said
"Yes it doesn't "liua said

Sorry it's short because I was rushing love you guys

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