Chapter 31

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Delilah's POV

As we drive to Luke's house, he points out things we pass. He's like a cute tour guide. Everything here is so different than Maine. It looks so much brighter, and it's definitely much warmer.

Luke doesn't let go of my hand the entire drive, not even when we pull into the driveway. It's almost as if he's afraid he'll lose me if he lets go for a second. He looks over at me and smiles widely.

"Here we are!" Luke says quietly. He pulls his hand away from mine, leaving my fingers feeling cold and empty. He leans over and kisses me quickly before getting out of the car to retrieve my bags from the back.

"I'm gonna go home and let you guys enjoy yourselves," Calum says. "I'll probably see you within the next few days." He gives me a hug and gets back in the car. 

"Are you sure?" Luke asks.

Calum nods. "I see you enough. And I'll see Delilah again soon! This is your special reuniting time, I don't know, I feel like I'm awkwardly intruding." 

I laugh. "You're not, but I'll see you later. Thanks for picking me up."

"No problem. Have fun, don't get too crazy!" Calum says as he backs out of the driveway.

Luke rolls his eyes. He grabs my bags and runs in front of me to get the door. 

"I'm so excited I'm shaking!" Luke says.

I laugh as he opens the door. 

"Welcome to my house, which is now your home away from home the next three months!" he says excitedly.

I follow him into the house. I instantly notice balloons and banner. 

"You didn't have to do all this for me!" I tell him, wrapping my arms around his waist.

He kisses my forehead. "I wanted to make it as special as possible. Here, follow me."

Luke walks down the hall. I notice a few pictures of him from when he was younger. 

"You were so cute!" I tell him, pointing at a baby photo.

"Was? I still am," he says, crossing his arms over his chest and pouting. 

His dad walks out of one of the rooms.

"Delilah! How are you?" Andrew says happily, giving me a tight hug. It's weird seeing him in a different house. I'm so used to him living down the street from me.

"I'm great! Just kinda tired," I tell him.

Liz quietly walks out soon after. She gives me a hug too, but not as tight. "We're so happy you're here!"

"How are you feeling?" I ask her quietly. She looks much better than I thought she would. If I didn't know everything that has happened, I wouldn't think anything was seriously wrong. 

"Today's a good day. I'm doing well."

"I told you how her surgery is next week, right? We tried to schedule it for before you got here, but that didn't happen," Luke says.

"That's okay! I don't mind," I assure him.

"I know you don't. C'mon, let me show you your room." He pulls me away from his parents and walks quickly down the hall. 

"My room is right here," he says, pointing to the left. "And here is yours," he tells me, opening a door to the right.

He puts all my bags in the corner and smiles widely. "Is this room okay for you?"

"It's perfect!" 

The room is tidy, and the bed is neatly made. There's a framed picture of Luke and I next to the bed, which I'm assuming Luke put there.

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