Ross sat up, ajusting his shirt as he glanced around the all too familiar hospital room. Being here, made him realize how cruel the world can be. But afterwards, it gets better, or so he hoped . He was starting to loose hope. His only sister, a girl he had adored since he was a baby, was in treatment for Cancer. And the girl he had adored for 6 months now, has been mrisable, the worst part being that he had no idea it was happening. He had hit her, had made her cry, and worst of all, made her upset. Ross could never forgive himself for that.

As he stripped his shirt of the change into a new one, he felt his hair get tossled into a mess, and for once, he had no interest of fixing it. His stomach growled: he had no interest of eating. He yawned: and had no interest of sleeping. He figured that this was his silent torture: his "Karma" for bestoving his lovely lady in this much pain.

He still loved her.

"Hey." Riker walked into Ross's room on Tuesday night with his finger crossed behind his back.

"What do you want?"

"Oh nothing, just to say goodbye."

"Goodbye? What do you mean goodbye?"

"Violet and I are about to move in next door, so this is the last time we will be roommates for a while."

"Oh well, have fun." Ross turned his attention away from his brother leaving the house both of them had grown up in their entire life, back to his thoughts.

"And that she's awake. I came to tell you that too."

Ross stood up and ran out the front door, forgetting his keys and shoes, and the fact that he was wearing ducky PJ bottoms. But he didn't care. He didn't care how terrible he looked, or if the paparizzi saw him like this, in his mental state.

Ross Lynch raced in the hospital at 11:43, running through people to get to the front desk. He raced down the hallway, heart racing, head pounding, hands sweating, hoping to get a single glimpse of her smile.

"I'm here...." Ross saw his entire family, tears streaming down their faces.

"Ross, " Rydel said, sitting in a wheel chair.

"Rydel." He gave her a quick hug. "What's going on?"

"She woke up...." Rydel's bottom lip trembled as she spoke. "But she... is dead..."

At 11:42, Harmony Moon was pronounced dead.


Jade's POV:

My bestfriend.

Was Dead.

I had never felt more alone in my entire life. Even know I had a plus one in my stomach, well more accurately, uterus, I had felt alone.

I don't remember much of what had gone on that day, due to the fact that it was a month before my due date and my life consisted of sleeping, eating, and using the bathroom (specifically having to per every five minutes. Thanks baby.)

But I do remember the burning sensation on My entire face. The happy part, the part that was overjoyed with the fact that Rydell was alive and alright, had distrigated into a million little pieces. All I remember doing was crying my eyes out, feeling the hole already in my chest get deeper and deeper until there was nothing left.

How could she leave me here? All alone? Just to live on? No matter how hard I tried I would never live the same way again. And a life without Harmony was no life at all.

I had to kill myself.

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