Chapter 4

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Surprising the Lads went great and they were happy to see me especially Si. I'm currently walking back to my seat in the Audience to watch 5Sos perform since I don't even know them. Kat was happy that I was back. I was gone for like 20 minutes and the show is going to start any minute.

Kat and I are having so much fun. We are jumping around and laughing so much. She keeps singing with the Guys and I pretend I know the songs and try to sing along. It's safe to say that I made a new friend.

At the end of the concert the Guys started throwing their Picks and Drumsticks into the Crowd. I caught a Pick and gave it to Kat since she was the huge fan not me and I got hit by a Drumstick so I kept it. I'm walking back to the Backstage Entrance while still looking at the four boys saying their final goodbyes to the crowd when I suddenly realized who the Bassist is. My eyes widen and I quickly walk back to where Si said he'll be.

>Hello Little sister how was your first 5 Seconds of Summer Concert?< my Brother throws his arm around my shoulder and guides me to the Couch.

>It was great. I had so much fun with Kat who I met at the beginning of the Show.< I was grinning at him.

>That's great. You are going to meet the 5sos lads real soon.< Just as he said that the door opened and in came 4 very sweaty, topless and loud guys. The one with longer blond hair sees me and stops talking to the other Blond and greets me.

>Hello there. I'm Ashton and who might you be?< He comes over.

>Ashton that's my Sister Ronnie.< Simon tells him and looks at the rest as well.

Ashton offers me a Hand. I look at the Hand, shrug and give him my Hand which was my worst mistake because he pulls me into a hug. He was completely covered in Sweat and let me tell you it was extremely disgusting. On the outside I looked like I wasn't bothered but on the inside I was already planning my 3 hour shower to get all this sweat off me. I awkwardly pat him on the back and back away.

>Ronnie let me introduce you to 5Sos. This blond fella over there is Luke and the weirdo he is talking to is Michael. And last but not least you see this lad over there studying his phone? That's Calum.< Tom throws his arm around my shoulder just like my Brother did a few minutes ago and walkes me out of the room while telling me who is who.

>Tom where are we going?<

>We're going on an Adventure Ron.< I groan at this Nickname he gave me when I was a lot younger and he only smirks because he knows I absolutely hate that Name.

>Quickly we gotta run before the guys catch us.< He somehow ended up taking me Hand and running down the hallway with me.

>TOM WHY ARE YOU KIDNAPPING RONNIE?!< I hear Si yelling somewhere behind me. I want to see where he is but I know that I will trip if I look so don't.

>I'LL BRING HER BACK IN ONEPIECE!< Tom yells back to my Brother before we run out of the door and to a waiting car. We quickly jump in and that's when Tom realizes something.

>Wait.. Have you been running in These?< I look at what he is pointing and see that he means the heels I'm wearing. Oh yeah.

>Yeah. Tom you know that I've been wearing heels for 2 years every day. I think one day you're just able to run a Marathon in them.< I shrug. I mean I've been wearing heels for 2 years and I did run a Marathon in some.

>Okay oh yeah I remember that Marathon you ran in those. Never mind then.<

>Tom where are we going? It's late.<

>I know you've done some sightseeing today but there is one thing you need to see.<

Tom ends up taking me to see the Eiffel Tower. And it looks so more beautiful in the dark than it does in the light. It's completely lit up with thousands of lights. I take like hundreds of photos of the Eiffel Tower and I absolutely them.

>I remembered you telling Rob how you wanted to see the Eiffel Tower at night so I thought I should take you to see him.<

>It's truly beautiful thank you.< I smile at him.

>Now give me the Camera and pose.< I give him my Camera and pose in front of the Eiffel Tower so he can take some photos.

>Done. I think they're great.< He shows me the photos and I'm in awe. They're beautiful. I'm definitely going to hang them on the wall when I get home.

>It's getting late. Let's head back ay?<

>Yeah. Si will kill me if I don't bring you back soon.< We laugh, get back to the car and drive to the Bus. We'll be on our way to Lille soon.

I had one amazing day. I got reunited with my Boys and made a new Friend. My thoughts drift off to Calum and I don't know why. Maybe it's his smile or his eyes that make my knees go week but let's be honest he has a beautiful smile and beautiful eyes.

There you go. Chapter 4 is finally done and we finally know who the Mystery Boy was. I had Flashbacks of my own SLFL Concert while writing this Chapter and it kind of made me sad that I have to wait another year to see them again. Have you seen 5sos live?
Sanny x

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