House Full of Gays

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-Jack's POV-

It was dark out. And it was raining. I really don't care about that much. I had to get away from my house. I'd much rather go back right now for a coat. It is really cold.

I seen a car start to slow down. I swear I will either titty punch her or kick him in the fucking balls. I am really not into it at the moment.

"Uh, hey, are you okay?"

I ignored the man sticking out his window who was talking to me. "I know you can hear me. Here, take this." He said handing me a hoodie. I looked at and eventually put it on. "I don't even know you." I said annoyingly. "So, you're going to get sick so get in. Either tell me where you live or come home with me. I swear I am NOT a creep."

I should probably keep walking but I instead got in the car.

-Mark's POV-

I wanted to start a conversation with this guy. He looked awful. He had bruises on his face and neck. I seen a faint scar on his face. He was skinny as all hell. "So what's your name?" I said, finally breaking the silence. "Uh. Sean, but everyone calls me Jack." I nodded my head and told him my name.

He is actually very nice.

"So, your house or mine?"


"Where do you wanna go?"

"Oh right, uh, your house if that's okay."

I shook my head yes and started driving to my house.

We arrived at my house and I pulled into my garage. I led him to my living room and gave him three pillows and two blankets. Just incase, I guess. "It isn't that cold in here Mark but thanks." He said, letting out a small sigh.

"I know, sorry, do you want any food?"

He looked up at me and looked shocked. Kinda like no one has ever asked him that before. He let out a small 'what' and I chuckled a bit. I said it again but this time gave him options.

"Uh, McDonald's. Want me to get ready?"

"Nope, I have a friend who gets off at this time. Well actually my roommate. Or one of them. But he brings me back food."

"You have roommates?"

"Yep, Matt and Ryan. I hope you're okay with them, they're gay. For each other."

"Oh that's fine. I'm gay too."

"Oh, looks like it will be a house full of gays tonight."

He laughed. Oh my god his laugh. I sounded helpless. Like he has lost all happiness in his life.

I wanted to ask about the marks on him. But I'll just wait. He needs rest and food. He needs comfort.


This is probably the beginning of a very shitty book but I guess we will see. Enjoy.

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