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Teenagers - My Chemical Romance


The Skybox sucks. It was the truth that Avery Donavon had to live with.

She had 5 days until her birthday, 5 days until she was floated and she wanted to spend thoes five days in peace.

Well until a couple of guards burst into her room. "Prisoner 211. Face the wall."

Avery didn't even glance up to them but continued reading her book.

"I have 5 days left and Kane said I won't be having more jobs."

"Face the wall." The guard repeated again. Avery rolled her eyes, doing what she was told and facing the wall. They snapped something around her wrist and started to take her out of the room.

"What the Fuck?" she whispered and saw her hand had a huge metal bracelet on it. "Oh my god, you shouldn't have."

The guard just looked at he with a just-stop-im-going-to-hurt-you face.

"Prisoner 211-"

"Look, I'm not going anywhere with you." she replied. The guard took out his gun as Kane walked inti the room. "You wanna tell me what the hell this is?"

He shot a tranquilizer gun at her. "Son of a B-."


Avery's eyes fluttered open as she readjusted herself in her seat. She turned to the side noticing Octavia Blake staring at her. "O?" she smiled hugging Avery tightly through the chairs. "You've gotten so big. How was life on the Skybox treating you?"

Octavia was about to say something when Jaha at them began speaking through the speakers. "Oh here we go again." Octavia said.

"Prisoners of The Ark, hear me now. You've been given a second chance, and as your , it is my hope that you see this as not just a chance for you, but a chance for all of us, indeed for mankind itself. We have no idea what is waiting for you down there. If the odds of survival were better, we would've sent others. Frankly, we're sending you because your crimes have made you expendable."

"I'm Glad stealing for half my life made my life expendable." Avery muttered watching Finn Collins unbuckle his belt.

"Whoo! Go Finn." she cheered and Octavia put her fists in the air and cheered as well.

"Check it out. Your dad floated me, after all." Finn said while floating in front of Wells Jaha.

Two others followed him floating in mid air. There was a loud thump, causing the three to fall on the floor. "Finn." Avery called but he gave her a thumbs up, making her smile slightly.

The dropship vibrated but then a large crash stopped everything.

"Listen no Machine hum." Monty said after a few seconds.

"Cool." Jasper replied.

Octavia and Avery leapt out of their seats going down the hatch. She walked to the front, spotting the one and only Bellamy Blake. "Bellamy." O said, running and hugging her brother.

"Bell." Avery smiled, as he looked her up and down.

"Avery." He replied, grabbing her and hugging her as tight as possible. "Why the hell are you wearing a guards uniform?"

"I borrowed it to get on the drop ship. Someone has got to keep an eye on you both." He replied, making Avery smile again.

"Wheres your wristband?" A blonde asked, moving through the crowd.

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