Chpt 30. Recovery

Start from the beginning

It was as if he was seeing an angel, I could even see his eyes tearing up.

"Avril!" He cried

He hovered over me, his hands hesitated, as if he didn't know whether to touch me or not. He sighed and caressed my cheek as if I was made of glass.

"You're here"  tears rolled down my face

"Of course I'm here" he kissed my forehead "I'm never leaving you again"

"I love you" I said

"I love you more" he kissed my lips

I kissed him back, but he pulled away too soon.

"I'm so glad you're awake" he said

"Me too"

He straightened up and stepped back, allowing me to see who was waiting behind him.

"Dad" tears rolled again "Rachel"

"My baby" dad kissed my forehead "I thought I had lost you"

"I'm not that easy to get rid off" I half smiled "You're stuck with me for while"

"I'm glad" he laughed between sobs

"Dad... I've never seen you cry" I frowned

"That's because you'd never been in a hospital before" he said "You'd never been so close to d.."

"Chris" Rachel interrupted "Let the poor girl rest, she is not completely healed yet"

"Yes, yes, I know" He agreed

"I'm so glad you're okay honey" Rachel held my hand "These two have been camping in the hallway for days, it didn't matter how many times I told them that you were going to be fine"

"I heard they got kicked out" I smiled

"God bless Dr. Susman for that" she laughed "You needed to rest"

I frowned as I realized what I'd just heard.

Wow. I was slow today.

It took me a while to catch that key word on Rachel's comment.

"Days?" I asked "I've been here for days?"

Nobody answered. I tried to straighten up a little bit, wincing as my ribs protested at my movement.

"Be careful" Caleb held my hand "You shouldn't be moving too much"

"How many days?" I demanded

Caleb sighed and turned his face toward my dad. Dad groaned and ran a hand through his hair.

"You lost a lot of blood" he started "Dr Susman wanted to keep you unconscious while he... Fixed your arm. You're were out for 5 days"

"5 days?"


I sighed. Caleb squeezed my hand softly, as if he wanted to give me support.

Now that I was paying attention, I realized that Caleb was different; there were bags under his eyes, a crispy beard started to grow, and he was.. Tired, sad, worried....

"What happened?" I asked

"We should talk about that later" he said "When you get better"

"No, I want to know" I insisted "Where's Elizabeth? Are the girls okay?"

"I think that's enough" Dr Susman walked into the room "My patient needs rest"

"No" I said

"I'll be back tomorrow" Dad kissed my forehead

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