The Criminal

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"This one might be quite a challenge Atesh." Sunny informed as he handed me a small envelope with a picture of my next victim clipped to it.

"Oh, and why do you say that?" I asked looking at the blond haired man, then reading through his file. "He's just another rich boy, who messes with the lives of the poor for purely his own entertainment."

"true, but he is not a normal 'rich boy' he has connections to the big businesses and he's also a valuable person." sunny explained.

"That just means that I'll have more time to play with this one" I laughed as I stuffed the paper on the inside of my coat pocket and headed to my house.

Opening my hide out/apartment door and kicking the it shut behind me, I headed straight for the large closet in my bedroom. I read through the man's file as I looked through the many disguises and phones I had.

"Jackson Morre, son of Alexander and Janis Morre. Loves street fighting and known as the Prince of the drug marketing business. He own an underground fight club and has his own set of fighters...huh, this shouldn't take me more than a week." I concluded, grabbing a pair of sweats, running shoes, gray tank top, and a duffel bag.

Grabbing a taxi, I directed him to take me downtown to the Liaison District, where all the clubs and parties were. Lights brightened the night, leaving shadows only in between the buildings. After paying the Taxi driver I headed to Club Velvet, and went down to the basement where the fighting went on. The Large basement was equipped with a bar and bartenders in one area, a large fighting arena in the ground, which was now occupied with two fighters, both men were bloody. The crowed, surrounding the perimeter of the arena, cheered and booed as their favorite fighter was either winning or loosing.

Looking around the Club I Finally spotted Jackson sitting in a V.I.P section watching the fight. Guards surrounded the perimeter and girls and alcohol surrounded him as he watched the fighters below. I walked over to where he sat and was immediately confronted by guards.

"Let him be." Jackson announced. "What do you want?"

"I'd like to join the competition tonight." I said eyeing the guards.

"And who might you be?" He asked sipping his wine as the girls eyed me lustfully.

"Jean Andrews." I lied smoothly.

"Are you sure you have what it takes" he asked "They won't go easy on you." I kept my face blank as he smirked at me.

"Just as I won't go easy on them." I answered determined.

"Very well then," Jackson motioned to one of the women who smiled as me then walked off toward the D.J booth and pointed me out as she spoke into his ear. She came back with a smile and spoke into Jackson's ear. His face brightened at the new she brought.

"Good news, you will be participating in five battles, three of which are one on one and the other is a  free for all and the last is a two on two. Your first one on one is right about....Now." As Jackson said that the bell to signal the end of the fight was over, rang three times.

My first opponent was a large man named Brock. He grabbed my neck and slammed me to the ground. I quickly brought my leg around his arm and kicked the side of his Adam's apple. He chocked. I raised my led and brought the heel of my foot down on his collar bone causing him to scream in pain. He jumped up and started for me with more will power than before.

Before I knew it Brock grabbed a hold of my neck again and punched me square in the middle of my back. I felt my legs go numb for a moment before I slid to the floor, spitting up some blood. I punch the large man in the throat, then punched him in his nose, breaking the cartilage.His nose began to bleed......

Over The course of the night the battles went the same: My opponent; a big toned man much larger than me, trying to pick me up and slam me to the floor. Being much smaller compared to them, I was able to dislocate shoulder's and do some serious damage to them. I kept a blank face as the referee held up my left hand showing I was the victor. Though on the inside I was screaming in pain, My last opponent, did the most damage, hitting me in my already sore ribs and many more bruises.

"You've done a splendid job, Jean." Jackson complemented slowly clapping his hands as he walked up to me.

I got out of the ring bloody and bruised, eyeing Jackson with caution.

"I'd like to see you here the day after tomorrow, I'll give you a day to recuperate and then you can come back and work for me." Jackson continued.

"Fine, and my payment?" I questioned grabbing my duffel bag from one of the guards.

"Oh yes 1 thousand per winning battle." Jackson smirked motioning a guard to pass me a wad of cash in a dark blue velvet pouch.

"Good." With that said I went to a changing room upstairs in the club.

I changed into a shirt and put my holster with two guns on, then threw my black jacket on over it. My dark skinny jeans fit snug in my combat boots. The pouch of money sat tightly in the front pocket of my jeans. The dirty bloody clothes I once wore were on the floor. I picked them up and dropped them in the duffel bag.

Heading outside I threw the bag in a dumpster and headed for the subway station. On the way there a couple of mafia member came toward me saying that I worked for Jackson. Before I could get a chance to fight them off, they pulled out knives and began to swing. I dodged a majority of them and fought the guys but more came. Eventually They kept attacking me until I was to weak to even stand.

"That'll teach Jackson to mess with our people." One of them laughed as they left me there.

Eventually I was alone and decided that I couldn't stay there. I gathered up enough strength to flag down a taxi and tell him to take me back to the city. I opened the door and practically fell out of the car, with out paying the driver and walked drunkenly down the street. I realized through hazy vision, that I got out of the car while it was at a stop light. I made my way pass a few houses before collapsing from exhaustion.

I passed out.


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