We're still here

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Ravens pov

"Wallace West, get down here right now!" I yelled from down stairs of our apartment. "Ok, what is it?" He asked me.
"2 things,
1- I'm pretty sure you ate my extra pizza that I was going to eat for breakfast.
And 2- when, where and how are we going to tell the teams."

" Sorry about the pizza, and I don't really know. But I kinda have an idea, how about we start with telling the original members of Young Justice." The original Kid Flash said.

"Ok, I can agree with that, but maybe we should hold off on Artemis, Nightwing, and Superboy." I said " I understand why telling Artemis and Nightwing should be held off, but why Superboy?" Wally asked suspiciously.

" I guess this can't be a secret forever. Please don't freak out or ask a million questions. He's *mumbles last part"
"What was that Raven?" Cupping his hand around his ear
"He's my brother."
"O, we should tell Megan, Kaldur, and Rocket first then." (quick A/N: if you read my book, Family Reunion, then the sibling thing will make sense.)
"Ya" was all she said after finally making a decision.

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