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Pen Your Pride

Dedicated to my awesome friend, Alex :) She makes awesome book covers and she is an amazing writer <3 Thanks for being you ;D



[Noah's PoV]

I whimpered pathetically before a small surge of anger had me banging my hand against the vending machine again. Loud banging noises filled the hallway, overpowering the voices of the chattering students.

Sure, I got a few weird looks, but really... Who cares? I certainly didn't. Not when my sanity was hanging by the corner of it's small blue bag within the vending machine.

I glared at the twisted salty deliciousness before sighing and slumping against the machine. It was hopeless! The cherry on top of my bad day!

My stomach rumbled, as if to say "Where are the pretzels you promised, Noah?".

I slid down the machine until I was in a sitting position, offering threatening glares at any student who tried to approach it and buy a treat. Why should they get something delicious if I couldn't have something delicious?

Especially since I hadn't eaten all day. I glanced at my watch, groaning internally when I noticed I only had seven more minutes until my next class. That wouldn't be enough time to pout and wish I were dead.


My head snapped up at the delicate voice, and through my despair I managed a small smile. "Hey, Grace."

"Are you okay, sweety? What's wrong?" She frowned, her cherry red lips pulling down in the corners.

"Oh, nothing." I stood up, giving one last resentful glance at the vending machine before taking my girlfriend's hand. "Just a long day involving food." As if it had been signaled my stomach rumbled angrily again.

"Noah!" Grace scolded, stopping short and rifling around in her school bag for a moment. "You haven't eaten today, have you?" She pulled out a granola bar and handed it to me, giving me a disciplinary look as I smiled impishly at her.

"It's not my fault!" I protested, stuffing the granola bar in my pocket, I'd eat it when I got to class. "My roommate shut off my alarm in some stupid prank and so I woke up late and had to rush to get ready." I glanced down at my disheveled appearance. I hadn't really bothered to fix myself up between classes. Why bother?

Grace scoffed as we walked down the hall, other students dissapearing slowly into their appropriate class rooms. "I still don't understand why you won't tell me who you're roommate is." She gave me an expecting look and I just shrugged innocently, thanking the gods when my classroom door came into view.

It's not that I was doing something Grace wouldn't approve of, but her knowing that the school board had assigned a gay guy to share a room with me for the rest of the school year... now that wasn't exactly something I wanted her to know. Grace wasn't exactly, understanding of homosexuals. She always bombarded them with questions, and even though she meant them in a purely learning and innocent way, they almost always came out antagonizing and judgemental. So it was just easier this way, keep her in the dark about the sexual orientation of my roommate, and I get to keep my roommate and avoid a fight with Grace.

"Noah, I-"

"Bye, babe! I have to get to class!" I gave her a quick peck on the cheek before rushing quickly into my classroom, ignoring the sour expression on her face as I shut the door behind myself, I sighed thankfully as I walked to my seat, slouching down in it and wiping my hand down my face. At least I didn't have to explain my lunch crisis to her.

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