I'm allergic to vampires! Literally... Chapter 1

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Thank TheSpirit 4 my main character's name. It turns out I was having trouble finding names for these two. So hope u guys like this chapter though it's kinda short I'm having my free time cut short cuz winter break is ending so don't expect a lot of uploads. Sorry for the inconvience. Enjoy!!!

Rayas is pronounced (r-i-yas)

I'm allergic to vampires

Chapter 2

"Hello sweetheart, what's a pretty thing like you walking around all alone in the woods for?" 

"None of your business." I said. 

"Now don't go all harsh on me why don't we take a nice walk together?" I questioned this wondering if it was a good idea. Strange though you think he'd be on the ground in pain....Unless he's not a vampire? I thought.  

"Yeah that doesn't work on me, I'm half vampire." Shit. Where is Riley? He kept talking. "But you smell incredible, why is that?" I turned around to face him. He was beautiful like the rest of them. His long dark hair covered deep blue eyes as if I could get lost in them. I looked him over again. Muscular and pale not to mention he had about half a foot on me in height. He smirked when he saw me doing a once over.  

"Like what you see?" He flashed a smile that showed his perfect teeth and fangs. 

"I've seen better." I said uninterested, truthfully no I hadn't. With my parents being totally control freaks I had to stay in the house practically my entire life except when the vampires kidnapped me.  

"I know your lying." 

"And how is that?" 

"Mind reader duh." 

"But don't vampires get individual powers?" 

"I'm not all vampire, how about that walk?" 

"Fine." I made sure he didn't trail behind me.  

"You ready asked why I was here, why are you here?" 

"Hunting it's a once a month thing. Apparently you were supposed to find my brother." 


"I know you're here looking for a vampire, you're the Vandeguard family's daughter, aren't you?" 

"How'd you know that?" 


"Spit it out!" 

"The vampire's royal family has to keep an eye on you constantly because you pose a threat to vampires everywhere." 

"So your telling me I'm being spied on?" He blushed and nodded. 

"Why did you blush?" I didn't even know they could do that, even halfies. 

"Uh....I don't think you'd want to know." 

"Just because you're a vampire doesn't mean that I don't know how to get the truth out of you. I may look weak but I'm stronger than you think." 

"I'm serious you wouldn't want to know." 

"Yeah well I'm serious too now tell me." I said through gritted teeth. He grabbed my arms and he slammed me into a tree.  

"I don't want to make the wrong impression. I'm supposed to become your friend, that's the real reason why I'm here."  

"You're not making a very good one."

"Your parents will accept me if I have at least some humanity. They'd be ok with me being around you." 

"Who put you up to this?" 

"The royal family. Unlike most I'm highly regarded for a halfie. Yes I used your word, I like it."  

I smirked and thought of my next move. Wait a second he's not hurting me. 

"You know I've already got some good information from you." 

"And have you learned?" I asked sweetly like a teacher would say to a first grader.  

"Halfies aren't affected by your power." Shocked I realized this too. If he had been a full vampire it would feel like he was branding me with his hands. And he'd be on the ground crying in pain. 

"What's your name?" I asked. 

"Rayas, yours is Sally, correct?" 

"No it's not." 

"But we heard it from the cameras, your parents call you that all the time." 

"But do I ever answer to it?" I questioned. 


"Exactly it's Skyler." 

"Why do your parents call you Sally then?" 

"That's my real name but I hate it and did you say cameras?" 

"Uh...yeah I probably said too much." 

"Oh you better spill boy." With that said I slipped out of his grasp, grabbed his wrist and flipped him. His lay on his back, completely stunned. 

"Now your gonna tell me how cameras got inside my house." I said flatly. 

"No way, I'll be cut off." 

"Ok if your want it that way." I sat on top of him. I heard an *oof* as took my weight to his stomach.  

"What the hell get off of me!" 

"Nope!" I said popping the p. "Riley! He's gonna kill me!" I shouted. I heard no response. "Stupid bodyguard." I muttered. 

"Bodyguard?" Rayas said.  

"Yeah and he might just rip your head off." I smirked. 

"Your kidding right?" I didn't answer him. 

"Right?" he asked again, desperate.  

"Such a waste." I said brushing my hand against his cheek. 

"Ok, ok I'll talk." He said. I smirked at my victory. 

"We bribed a maid to put mini cameras in every room and I mean every room." My eyes widened. I thought of every time I changed in my room. 

"You sick perverts." I said, punching him in the gut and walking off.  

"Ouch I don't think I deserved that." 

"Yes you did. Bye." I started walking in back to the way I came. 

"Wait! You forgot about my brother he's a full vampire! The one you were suppose to capture!" I just kept walking. 

"If I fail capturing this guy I can tell my parents about the mini cameras in the house." I turned back to face another guy. 

"So little bro you found her before me but I'd rather keep her myself." His wild brown hair was spiked upward to show his dark grey eyes. He grabbed my wrists and I screamed. I could feel the burning from his skin. He jumped back, falling on the ground and whimpering in pain. I felt someone come behind me and pick me up. The last thing I saw was a blur of the eerie woods.

Sorry it's so short but I couldn't think of anything else so....I have to think about what's gonna happen next. Hope u enjoyed it!


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