It's already 6:30 and I don't know what should I do!!!

"Hey Paz... what's wrong? You're acting strange..." I look at Giddy pig- I mean Gideon who is obviously worried.

"I got a date"

"okay... wait... DATE?!" I nod.

"Okay... *inhale* *exhale* who is the guy?"

"D-dipper Gleeful" then suddenly he faints.

Me: -_-

Giddy Pig: X0

I go to our room and lay on my bed.

I look at my closet and I saw a pink varsity jacket, blue green shirt, and a blue jeans.

I have no choice...

Dipper G's POV

"Ugh! Where is she?" its now 7:39 and that blonde hair is still not here...

"Sorry I'm late!" I look up and look at her.

"What's with the outfit?" she said. I look at myself; I am just wearing a black long sleeve, blue vest, and my amulet in my neck.

"Nothing. Just my usual outfit" she nod and sit in the bench beside me.

"So... what should we do now?"

"Let's eat in the greasy's diner"


///Le Time Skip///

After we eat, we are here at the old factory's rooftop sitting.

"Thanks for coming malady" I said.

"Hehehehe... Like if I had another choice. Woah! The view from the factory is nuts!"

This girl acts like a kid.

"Well... it's getting late we need to go home"

"Hmm" she both go down at the factory.

"Well see you!" she was about about to leave but I stop her.

"Thank you for tonight so I'll accompany you to your house " then I raise my hand to her and she put her hand.

"Thank you for tonight so I'll accompany you to your house " then I raise my hand to her and she put her hand

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I don't know why but she is blushing but I just ignore it.

///Another time skip sorry guys! DX///

"Thanks Dipper"

"No problem" I said with my usual poker face.

"Good night" I nod and after that I go straight home.

When I came home I saw my sister sitting with crossed legs smiling at me.

"How's your date brother?"

"How many time did I tell ya that its not a date..." I coldly said to her.

"Oh really? So how can you explain this?" I look at my sister who is holding a newspaper.

Dipper Gleeful and his Girlfriend

A fellow resident in Reverse caught the famous celebrity, Dipper Gleeful, with a girl that was said his girlfriend.

Someone recognized the girl which is Pacifica Southeast.

And also they're reports that both of them are dating at the Greasy's Diner.

And above of the article is us walking in the town holding hands.

"Now what brother?" I roll my eyes and go upstairs.


"Y-yes master?"

"Is the spell working?"

"Ye-yes! Th-the spell will work completely if the person that you want to control will fall for you m-master" I grin. Well that will be easy since I think she's now falling for me.

"Okay" he nod and disappear in thin air.

I sit on my bed and read the journal and I quickly stand.

"WHAT THE HECK IS THIS?!" I saw at the end of the book which is 'To be continued at book 3'

So there are another journals which is no. 1 and no. 3, and I know its just here somewhere in this town.

|||A/N: Guys I don't know what I'm writing here 'cuz I really ran out of idea. And I think I messed the plot of the story.... so sorry guys! DX I'll try to make a FULL dipcifica chapter someday. Bye peeps!|||

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