A Lullaby For You~

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Akame singing to Levi

"Tired again?"Akame asked as she saw Levi fall down to his bed,where as Akame was doing some paperworks

"Yeah,Erwin worked me too much"Levi sighed as he laid down on the bed facing the ceiling

"Hey,Come over here and sleep with me"Levi said oatting the emoty space next to him

"I would love to,But as you can see I have paperwork-"Akame was cut off by Levi before she could finish

"Please...Just until I fall asleep"Levi said

"Ugh,fine.."Akame sighed and stood up and laid beside Levi

Minutes passed as Akame laid by Levi's side

"I can't sleep...I have insomnia"Levi sighed

"Come here"Akame gestured as Levi layed his head on Akame's lap

"I'll sing a song for you,So sleep"Akame smiled

"Wielding the blades of Gloria-We're made for victory"Akame's smooth voice sang out,Levi felt his eyes fluttering down as he heard the melodic voice of his wife

"Only we dare to bear these wings on our backs~"Once more,Levi was entranced by Akame's voice

"We've all carved an oath into our hearts,Beating in unity~"Levi hadn't heard this song before nor did he ever hear Akame sing

"As we voices form the battle cry of the free~"Akame stopped with that last line seeing Levi fast asleep

She lightly smiled seeing her Husband's Peaceful Face as he slept

"Goodnight my love-Levi,Wielding the blades of Gloria,You really were made for victory"Akame kissed his forehead before continueing her paperworks

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