Chapter 19

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"Effie, calm down, it's not that hard trust me, i've done that" i tell her, winking.

"Oh my God, i've never been so nervious" yeah, i've never seen her so servious too, she acts like a little confused kitten.

"Just look in the mirror, look how beautiful you are, Haymitch's jaw will drop on the floor when he will see you." i try to calm her down "and this weddimg dress... It's just perfect, just as you love it, fabulous and fashionable." she looks down on her dress and she smiles. Thank God.

"Yes you are right, this dress is really pretty, i have nothing to worry about, i just... I was waiting this day for so long... Thank you Katniss, for helping me."

"No problem, without you, i'd just throw everything away and run on my wedding day."

Haymitch's and Effie's wedding is so good, even though they acted like children, confused and nervious, their every movement, every glance, every little action screamed so much love. Me and Peeta was so happy because of them, i think they deserved happiness after all this time.

For their wedding gift, Peeta gives them a huge painting of them. On the picture, Effie and Haymitch are standing side by side, holding hands and there is a little heart between them, painted in bright red, on the back, there is scenes from the Hunger Games and us too, the old Panem. But the peaceful scenes are changing the old ones. It's a really great painting. I love Peeta's pictures, the way he creats them, the way he gently touches the canvas with his brush, like it's something fragile. God i love everything about him.

"Looking at them, i think i still want to marry one more time" Peeta hugs me from behind.

"Oh really? Who do you want to marry?" i ask, playing mock anger.

"Of course you. Katniss, you are the only girl i love, and so will be forever, till the last second of my life."

"I love you too, now let's go and have some drinks, i want this night to go on forever." i kiss him lightly and we pick up drinks. Haymitch and Effie come to us, big smiles on their faces.

"Have a drink, Haymitch!" Peeta gives him a glass, but he refuses.

"I promised Effie i would not drink, so..."

"Good boy" Effie touches his cheek.

"Without a good girl, there would not be a good boy." Haymitch kisses her.

The music starts and we all go to dance. The night sky is full of stars and i spin and spin with Peeta, we laugh and dance and drink and we lose time track and swim in the infinity. Finally, when every guest left, we go too. We go to our home on foot, silly happy.

"I am not drunk, i wanted more wine!" i really am not drunk, just happy.

"We can continue drinking at home if you want."


"I want to kiss you everytime i see you. Is this normal?" Peeta asks me and we both laugh.

"Yes it is, cause i want to do the same too." i answer and place my hands on his neck. I don't care if anyone will see us, kissing each other in the middle of the road.

"Mmm this is a really beautiful dress, but right now, i want to rip it off of you." i laugh.

"Wait till we get home." i say, but suddenly i feel something horrible in my belly. I place my hand on it, trying to ease the pain.

"Are you okay?" Peeta asks, holding me.

"I don't think so." As soon as i say it, i throw up. Ugh, it's disgusting. Peeta holds me and my hair.

"Katniss, do you feel better?" I don't puke anymore, but i am not feeling okay.

"I don't know."

"Is this because of alcohol? But you are not drunk enough" Peeta is so concerned.

"No i think it's just because of alcohol. I should not..." i still feel sick.

"Katniss, let's go to the doctor!"

"No no no, i just want to sleep, please get me to home."

Peeta pickes me up. "Okay, but promise me we will go to the doctor tomorrow."

"I promise" i tell him and feel myself drifting off in the sleep.

Hello everyone and thanks for so many reads <3 i finally passed all my exams and now i am free and will be able to update mofe often. Love you all <3

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