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Singularity : The Awakening 


He believed that this was going to be a great success. The dark old fragile Indian looked into that little glass syringe in his hands. He clearly knew that this bluish fluid inside this little injection was the going bring his ultimate dream into reality. The old man kept the syringe on his desk and sat on his favorite silk mattress and did pranayama, the yoga which he had practiced for past 52 yrs of his life. "Now it's time" his instincts said. He looked at his watch; it was 7:25 pm. He reached for the injection and checked the final status on the computer in his desk. Then he moved past a dull metallic framed box and reached his bed. He injected the bluish fluid in his arms and lay on the bed. He knew his sleep would be long but he would awaken in a parallel new world. He was feeling relieved now. The secret has been revealed.

Chapter 1 

Peter Wilson slammed the alarm on his bed. "It's really sickening to wake up early everyday" he thought. Opening his eyes feebly, he looked at the alarm. "Oh my god!! It's already 9:20 !! What the hell??" he shouted. His alarm always worked fine but the he was the culprit for getting up late. He had a habit to snooze the alarm and sleeping again. He ran into a quick shower, convincing himself about his late mornings. "I work hard late nights and that's why my mind does not allow me to wake up early" he told himself. He always thought that he was the only man on earth who would shout and advice at himself. It was one of the philosophies of Dr.Krishna, his former guide in his thesis and now his boss in his first job. He had always admired his guide, during his thesis work. Dr.Krishna had been the moulding cone for all his ideas. Dr.Krishna had quit his teaching profession from Carnegie Mellon University since a year and joined SRI which was a pioneer in AI. During his work in Carnegie mellon university he was always considered as a controversial researcher in AI. Peter had graduated the school and joined SRI and now was working with his guide since 3 weeks.  

Peter dressed up quickly. He always hated to stay in such small apartments because he was brought up in a country side farm in Toronto. When he was about to leave his room, the phone rang. He thought "It would be Jessica, I promised her a date and it's already late."

"Hello Jessica!!! I am sorry" yelled Peter in the phone. 

"Sorry to disturb you Mr.Wilson. This is Ms. Atkins. Can you come down here to your lab? We have a serious issue." 

"Yes. Ms.Atkins. I'll be there in 20 minutes".

"That's the end of my life" Peter said to himself. "Jessica will not forgive me for a week for missing such a day". Peter was rarely spending his weekends away from his office. 

"What would that mean? A serious issue? And the director has called for me" Peter wondered. Whatever it was Peter was now sure that something was really wrong and he would be assigned some responsibility to solve that. Peter took a cab to central Oakland. 

He reached his destination in around 20 minutes. The cab stopped in front a large white marble inscribed with three letters "SRI".  

Peter walked through the long corridors of the building. He was always confused with the walk paths and where they led to. He was lost twice and had to follow his green line to reach the reception. After that he never wanted to explore the building and always went directly to his lab which was 3 floors below. He always wondered why such high facility labs are located below ground floor. He would always convince himself that they were of high secrecy and so they needed such secret zones.  

He came to the elevator and swiped his smart card. The elevator took him to three floors below. Peter took left and was greeted by ELIZA. 

"Welcome Mr.Wilson you are required at director's officer. Please meet him immediately" 

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