"You have arrived at your destination," said the Sat Nav, and we followed its instructions. We had been driving for around 3 hours but we would've been here faster if Nate didn't get slightly lost.

"Relax Nate you're meeting my cousin not my dad, asking for his blessing," i joked playfully causing him to laugh, looking at his tense position.

"Is this it?" Nate asked pointing to a fairly large house, a certain familiarity coming across.

"Yup," I said just as Ace exited his house to greet us. A smile immediately lot my face; I hadn't seen Ace in months. I ran towards him and gave him a hug.

"Someone missed me a lot then," He mocked, grinning nevertheless

"Someone missed me a lot then," He mocked, grinning nevertheless.

"Shut up Ace, you're ruining the moment," I said punching his arm lightly.

"And look at you, so grown up," he said sarcastically, pinching my cheeks and ruffling my hair before I whacked his arm away. I crossed my arms in exasperation, blowing out a piece of hair that fell on my face.

"Hey, I'm Ace," he introduced himself to Nate, before shaking his hand.

"Nate," he replied, smiling.

Ace sauntered to the car with Nate so as to collect my bag as they both discussed the favourite Soccer teams. I turned away from them and was about to walk in when a beautiful girl around my age walked out. She wore a black and white adidas long sleeved crop top and a pair of matching adidas leggings. She also sported a pair of black and white adidas superstar trainers.

Her light brown hair was cascaded freely down her back

Her light brown hair was cascaded freely down her back. She was flawless and perfectly beautiful, like one of those models you would see on the cover of the Sports Illustrated Swimsuit magazines. Her eyes were azure pools and her skin was clear of no blemishes. Her lips were red, full and plump; her lipstick and winged eyeliner probably made many people give her a double-take.

"Hi I'm Nicole, Thalia right? Ace hasn't stopped talking about you all week," she said shaking my hand. We walked inside together but walked slightly slower so Ace could catch up with me.

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