Sasuke's Back?! Pt2

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I woke up from my nap remembering about my meeting with Tsunade in a couple of minutes. I changed into my clothes quickly in a rush feeling as if I woke up in the wrong time. I made surw to brush my teeth and other hygiene stuff that I do to keep myself clean. I put on my ninja boots that were in the entrance of my house and left right away.

Walking in the roads of Konaha made me smile. Sometimes I am greatful that this village has some peace and quiet most of the time, but I can't help the way I feel. I want to be active and participate im missions like back then. Suddenly I felt nostalgia. I miss Team7. The way things used to be made me happy except the fact that I was weak. If I could go back I would change that to make me get stronger to protect the ones that I love. Ever since Sasuke left Naruto and I have not been close as we used to be. I still think of it now. When I pass by him he doesnt see mw eye to eye instead he ignores me like I'm not there and that hurts.

The Hokage Tower came in to view and I walked in following through a hall that I had to pass to get to the hokage Office. Once I see the door I knocked onto the cold, hard, wooden door. I heard lady Tsunade's strong voice that said "Come in."

I opened the door and closed it behind me. Just as I look up I see that konoha 11 lined up next to eachother with their backs facing my face and heads turned slightly looking at my direction.

Though I saw a familiar Uchiha Symbol, black hair styled a ducks butt, with a light purple skirt wrapped around his waist, and black Ninja sandals. His head was turned to face me, with that ugly smirk plastered on his ugly face. His Dark Onyx eyes stare into my Emerald green eyes teying to read me.

Uchiha Sasuke

I was shocked and surprised to see him here in Konoha but I maintained a straight and serious facial expression. Why is he even here first of all? Did they bring him back if so they left me behind! Or Did he come willingly or was he forced to? I had so many questions to ask but I didn't want to even look at that sick bastard who tried to kill me more than once. I held in my anger by simply stepping up front of Tsunade's desk and ignoring everone else in the room.

"Oh Sakura you made it on time, as you can see Sasuke has returned to the village because of konoha 11. I'm sorry if you're upset that you didn't go, It was agreed among them that you shouldn't come along," Tsunade informed me with new information that I obviously already know of. Didn't want me to come huh? Did they think I'd slow them down or be a baby and cry at the cite of Sasuke? Thats Pathetic!

"I see" I mumbled with a low tone. As if I cared. The last time I saw him I was almost killed and that was the last time I will ever go on a mission to rescue him.

"I'm really sorry Sakura, I don't want you to think that you're weak its not that you're quite the opposite. It was for the best if you didnt go."

"No I agree it would have been a waste of my time to go after a criminal who tried to kill me so I thank you all for not letting me go. I would have regreted it anyway," I said not showing any disspointment instead I smiled.

"Sakura we didn't want to tell you because we wanted to protect you right everyone?" Said Ino obviously stating lies. Of course she didn't want for me to go. The rest nodded their heads trying to cover up the lies.

I raised and eyebrow at her, "Protect me? Protect me from what? You think I wouldn't be able to defend myself?"

"Look we knew you'd be hurt if you went to see Sasuke and we thought we did the right thing by not bringing you along with us!" Said Naruto trying to explain the situation.

"It seems like none of you trust me enough to protect myself. You all view me as inferior and I hate it. You dont know how much I grew as a person and as a ninja!"

"And you!" I pointed at Sasuke with pure hate rising within me, "Dont ever come near me ever again do you hear me because I will not hesitate to kill you just like you didn't hesitate to try to kill me you got that!"


My eyes twitched and my hands turned into fists. He thinks this is some joke!? Then I'll show him that this 'Joke' is not to be messed with. I cracked my fingers all at once with one clench and lifted my arm to punch him.

"SAKURA HARUNO STOP IT!" Tsunade yelled at me before I punch sasuke making me halt in my position.
"What do you think you are doing! Not in my office, if you have a problem then do this outside I cant have any more holes on my wall!"

I lowered my arm to my sides and apoligize unwillingly, "Im sorry Malady, I was just upset I wont let it happen again!"

"It better not! You almost ruined Sasuke-Kuns face but I'd still love him!" A girl exclaimed beside the Uchiha. She had red eyes, and red hair, with red glasses on the bridge of her nose. She seems to like red alot must be her color.

"Karin!" Tsunade exclaimed at the girl annoyed of her.

"Sorry," she apologized right away to the Hokage who was already agitated.

"Sorry about her, she's obsessed with Sauke over here am I right Karin," the guy with white hair, and purple eyes and sharpe teeth nudged her on the arm. She gave him a death glare, "Will you quit it Suigetsu, I am not obsessed hmph!" She crossed her arms in embarrassment.

I rolled my eyes at her being crystal clear with her feeling toward Sasuke. She really just said not so long ago she loves sasuke I mean come on either you do or you don't which is it!?

Tsunade grunted and then coughed purposely for our attention, "Sakura the reason you are here is to inform you about Sasuke being here at the village I advise that you are on your best behavior. I know it's hard to control your temper but please don't let it get to you. Do you understand?"

"Yes lady Tsunade."

"As for the rest of you, if I see that any of you are not getting along I will ban you from going on any mission for a month do you hear me!"


"You Idiot it doesn't apply to you!" I said bonking him behind the head.

"Ow that hurt Sakura," he whined grabbing his head in pain.

"You deserve it and respect the lady Hokage more!"

"Ok ok Im sorry jeez no need to hit me!"

"Alright everyone get out you are dismissed I have things to do if you didn't know I have enough on my plate," Tsunade sighed unwilling to deal with a group of teenagers arguing.

Everyone was excused so they walked out of the office to leave the Lady Hokage at her work. I exited out quickly not wanting to socialize with any of Konoha 11 not even Sasuke. I left with thoughts riding my mind.

Sasuke must have a motive to stay here so what is it? Must he be here because I was doing just fine with him not here! What now if he has his own little group and all the attention on him. Team Taka must be his priority right? Team 7 is nothing to him anymore. He abandoned us for power and for a new team. Now I wish I could just run away.

If Sasuke is here what changes now? What a mess today isn't it just great.


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