Regina sat on the couch , agitated, her blood boiled as she watched Killian laugh at something Emma had said to him. They stood together talking across the room. His eyes crinkled in a way they often did when he was truly amused by something. Emma was not that witty, Regina's mind screamed. Killian's mouth flexed for the blonde in another laughing smile. It took all of Regina's willpower to remain where she was, to try and remain attentive in the conversation she was having with Snow White.

Unfortunately Snow noticed her distraction, she turned around to follow her gaze, to see the source of her distraction. The princess softly smiled as she turned back around, "You have nothing to worry about," she told her.

Immediately Regina's guard went up, her emotional walls constructing back around her heart as they always did. "I don't know what you are talking about," she sneered lightly. She and Snow might be in a better place now but she sure as hell wasn't going to have a conversation about something this intimate with her. Even if she knew about Killian and hers relationship. She just wasn't quite there yet

Of course the princess couldn't take a hint. "You and Hook," the princess grinned not saying anything else, she had a small knowing smile on her face.

Irritated, Regina sighed, "I'm not jealous," she growled, "Especially of that," she waved her hand indicating Killian and his blonde ex. The honest truth was, she wasn't jealous. She was secure in the fact that it was she, Hook was purely interested in. The sounds he had made in her bed last night ....and this morning, had made that crystal clear. No, the cause of her indignation was the fact that Killian had ignored her entirely since they had arrived at the Charming's.

They have recently defeated the author. And Snow White had wished to celebrate this new beginning they all had. Regina had wanted to decline the invitation but seeing the light in Henry's eyes at the thought of having his entire family celebrating together made her change her mind.

Only Henry and Snow were aware of Regina and Killian's more intimate relationship. She had wanted to keep it between just the four of them, wanted to keep it in a bubble that was only theirs for as long as she was able. She did not care to hear other people's opinions about it. She was also not looking forward to the frowns of disapproval Killian would most likely receive for choosing to be with her instead of Emma. There were still people in this town that were still not very fond of her. Who still considered her as the Evil Queen.

Before they had arrived at Snow's that evening she had strongly suggested that their new found relationship be kept a secret. That didn't stop her from still being furious that he hadn't even tried to make some sort of move, not even attempted to make fucking eye contact with her all night.

Having had enough of her step daughter, Regina stood up, "If you will excuse me," she said.

"Don't be too hard on him," Snow told her, eyeing Killian across the room. Regina glared at her, rolling her eyes in aggravation as she left.

When she saw that Henry had joined Killian and Emma, all three of them laughing like a family, that was when she felt she wanted to leave the party. She whished to be the one that stood there laughing with them but yet the thought terrified her. Having a family to call her own was always the one thing she had desperately wanted and now that she was so close to achieving that, she had that urge to run.

She knew that it was her own fault that it was not she who stood there with them at that moment. Killian had wanted to tell the world that they were now a couple, but she was the one to prevent it. She took a deep breath and made her way over to them.

Killian noticed her approaching and she watched as his eyes light up at seeing her. She ignored the way her heart fluttered, and she quickly glanced away, focusing on Henry. She was still pissed off at the man and she wasn't going to be swayed by the dark but loving look in his blue eyes. Emma saw the way Hook looked at Regina but said nothing.

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