Chapter 1

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please remember that many things have changed and that you really need to reread the chapters!
"i don't see how you manage to burn a bagel.." i say to my best friend and coworker mandy. she laughs and throws away the blackened bagel and grabs a new one from the cabinet.
"it's 7. can you go flip the sign?" she asks as you works on making another bagel. i nod and walk out from behind the counter. as i walk up to the door a man is already standing outside waiting. i unlock the door and flip the sign from closed to open. he looks up and i open the door for him.
"good morning, mandy can help you at the counter." i say as he smiles at me. i prop the door open and go back behind the counter. mandy talks to the man about a coffee and i wait for the order.
"one small, black coffee with cream!" she says writing down the order and sliding it to me. i nod and start making it. as i put the lid on mandy writes his name on the receipt and hands it to him. i hand him the coffee and he smiles at me.
"thank you." he says turning to walk away, "wait. do y'all know of any fun things to do around here. i'm only here for a few days." he turns back to me and mandy.
"fun things to do in our small town, bristol.." i say acting like i'm thinking about it.
"it's a very small town." mandy says.
"very." he agrees.
"there's a really fun nascar experience at the bristol motor speedway way every once in a while." i say shrugging.
"wow, funny you say that." he says laughing. "i actually am a driver in nascar."
"oh wow." mandy says.
"maybe you need more experience?" i say with a laugh.
"maybe not me, but maybe my friend ryan." he says as a guy with bright blue eyes walks in.
"maybe me for what?" he says walking up to the counter.
"i was asking these girls if there was anything fun to do around here. and they mentioned the nascar experience at the track. she told me i might need more experience but i think that might be you.." he says nudging ryan.
"aw come on chase. you know it's not me who needs the extra experience." he laughs.
"oh, by the way! i'm chase and this is ryan." he says sticking his hand out for us to shake.
"mandy." she says shaking his hand.
"i'm Ava." i laugh as i shake his hand.
"nice to meet y'all." he says. we smile and mandy takes ryan's order. they go and sit at a table next to a window and drink their coffees. as a line starts to grow at the counter they jump back into the line. after we make plenty of coffees and morning foods the line is just them two.
"look who's back." mandy says wiping off the counter.
"so we couldn't just leave with out getting your guys numbers." Ryan says with his hands in his jacket pockets. mandy smiles and grabs a pen out of her apron pocket.
"you guys aren't gonna call and complain about your coffees or something are you?" i ask as i step up next to mandy.
"why do i feel like that's happened to you before?" chase says with a grin.
"oh, believe me it has." mandy says laughing. she writes her name and number down and hands me the pen and paper. i quickly write my name and number and hand the paper to ryan. they thank us and walk out of the small shop.
"how cute were they!" mandy says smiling. she does a little happy dance and my phone vibrates on the counter. we both gasp and run over to it.
unknown number: hey it's chase! hope it's not too late to text and complain about my coffee.. it was a little cold.
A: sorry sir, but it's way too late. gonna have to complain next time..
i put my phone into my bag and continue to work.
"ready to go?" mandy says grabbing her bag. the next two workers come in and i nod.
"got any texts from our new friends?" i ask as we walk out of the shop.
"actually yes. which surprises me because you're the hott friend." she laughs. i roll my eyes as we walk up to my car. i unlock the doors and we get in. i pull out my phone and see two text messages from chase and ryan.
"i can already tell one of us is gonna fall in love." mandy says as she buckles her seatbelt.
"wow. deep." i say laughing.
"i mean it's true. they're gonna be good to us and i know it." she says shrugging.

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