Chapter 1

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Chapter 1

4 years earlier

"Whore," Matthew spat at my crumbled figure on the floor. I dared a glance at his face and instantly regretted it. His eyes were filled with anger and lust. I bowed my head and started to back away slowly. He noticed my movements grabbing my arm, and yanking me out of my room. He had just finished beating me and my body protested in agony at the sudden movement. My name is Icy I have long raven black hair and piercing gold eyes. The strange thing is that my parents had each silver and green eyes. They both "died" in a car accident 5 years ago. I don't think it was an accident though. They were both apart of the Blackforest pack, the alpha and Luna to be exact. Dad knew there were traitors in the pack; he just didn't know it would escalate that quickly.

Matthew's sharp nails brought me back to the horrible reality that is my life, and the disgusting malicious deed that was about to happen. His eyes were is wolf's now. Matthew was no longer here.

Matthew pushed me up against the bed in his room. His sweaty hands clamped over my mouth preventing me to scream. It wouldn't matter anyway; it would be futile to waste my energy on people who wouldn't care if I got raped. I knew if I struggled it would be worse, but I couldn't have this happen again. I did what my mom last told me if I'm ever in trouble, kick em' where it counts. I swung my foot as hard as I could in his "family jewels". He howled in pain and fell on the floor clutching his jeans. i quickly got up and ran towards the window. As I reached it I dared a look back. Matthew was getting up now.

"You shouldn't have done that, you slut, get back here," he snarled. He charged for me trying to tackle me but by then it was too late. I leapt out of the open window and landed gracefully on my feet 5 stories down. As soon as my feet touched the ground I took off shifting into my pure black would with white on my paws and the tip of my tail was white. I pushed myself towards knowing far too well he would try to come after me. I pounded my paws harder and harder into the ground making my way to the border if I cross it he wouldn't be able to follow if he doesn't want to start a war. I crossed the border and heard as vicious howl of defeat as Matthew saw I crossed the border. With a smirk I continued running and running until the life I knew was only a speck in the distance.

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