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Okay so this is my first story so be patient with me I will try to update reguraly so stick with me and I'm horrible at descriptions so bear with me. Description of the book below.
Icy above ^^^

Icy Fae has a troubled past. Abused negleted raped anything you can think of. shes run away and is now living the life she's aslways dreamed of. Finally being free. Now rogue and on her own she learns the dangers of a pack life and vows never again to be in one or have a mate. She can't handle the pain anymore.

After finally settling down all she wants to do is get her education and leave but now the fates aren't that easy. She meets her mate, he also has to be an alpha so the first thing that comes to mind? Run. Running and never looking back. Each step takes a toll on her heart but she keeps going and she won't stop until she's far far away. She will not be a possession. Drake the alpha of the IceMoon pack has waited forever for his mate and once he finds her he will not let her go. So once he meets his mate and she runs away, what does he do? he kidnaps her of course! now icy fae is trapped in a love she never wanted forever but that won't stop her from trying to escape at all cost. and what does the mysterious stranger that continues to stalk her have to do with her current life. find out when reading broken wolf.

Not the best at descriptions but stick with me. Love you guys thanks

Faith xx

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