Jaida POV
I sat in the crowd watching the clock hit the final min. on the scoreboard it was 89-89 My fiancé Kyrie had the ball he was on the wing with Steph Curry guarding him. He went between the the legs and pulled up for a three as the clock hit 53 sec. It seemed as everything went in slow motion as the ball floated through the air and into the net 92-89. He had shot a dagger in Curry's face as I jumped up out my seat while getting strange looks from Warrior fans. Steph had the ball trying to get a 3 but Love was playing good defense he went behind the back and jacked up an ugly shot that bounced off the rim as Lebron gets the rebound as gives an outlet to Ky. We were so to being NBA champs.They had a. foul to give so they fouled James.Kyrie passed the ball the Lebron running down the lane who went up for a dunk but missed it and got fouled. he was down for a min but got up and made of his free throws. The Warriors pushed the ball down the court trying to get a shot as the clock ran out they threw up a shot as the buzzer sounded and that was it The Cavs were NBA champions. I ran onto the court straight to Kyrie. When he saw me he smiled so big and picked me up and spun me around. I hugged him and whispered in his ear "we are so proud of you daddy" as I showed my small baby bump " you're pregnant?" He smiled "yes" I shook my head " I love you so much" he cooed as he kissed me " I love you to champ"

The End

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